You are what you love. But you might not love what you think. Christians desire to shape culture, yet are often unaware of how culture shapes us—unaware of the ways our hearts are being taught to love rival gods instead of the One for whom we were made. James K.A. Smith joins Hank Hanegraaff to discuss the major themes of his book, You Are What You Love, detailing the formative power of culture and the transformative possibilities of traditional Christian practices. Who and what we worship fundamentally shapes our hearts and James K.A. Smith wants Christians to recognize the critical role of the church in lives of Christians—that church should always be the hub and heart of Christian formation and discipleship.

Topics discussed include: How historic examples of the Christian faith were lost as Christianity remade itself in the image of the Enlightenment (2:00); the spiritual power of habit (6:10); regaining a perspective of the heart according to biblical language (12:05); the significance of liturgy in the Christian life and the way that disordered or rival liturgies negatively impact our lives (14:55); why James K.A. Smith believes worship is at the heart of discipleship (18:25); the importance of the church in the Christian life and as a means of sanctification to experience union with Christ (20:40); why knowing Church history is so important to our growth as Christians (23:40); James K.A. Smith draws a powerful connection between addiction recovery programs like AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and effective church discipleship in order to point out the spiritual power of habit as well as the spiritual power of bad habit (27:00); what does it mean to have a proper understanding of worship? (30:10); the disenchantment of the Church and the power of spiritual formation through repetition (34:45); the transcendent strangeness of historic Christian worship as a key element to discipleship and evangelism (41:15); Christians cannot hope to recreate the world if we are constantly trying to recreate the church (50:45); the transformative power of practice and habituation in sanctification (55:00); one of the most powerful passages in all of theology—what does a faithful Christian life look like? (58:15).

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