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This week, Hank is joined on Hank Unplugged by Clay Jones, associate professor of Christian Apologetics at Biola University and one of the pre-eminent scholars on the issue of theodicy, answering why God permits evil. This conversation is an exploration into why God allows sin and suffering.

Topics discussed include: why does God allow evil? (3:30); why did God let that child die? (5:30); why it’s hard to reconcile determinism and theodicy (9:00); why do people want determinism to be true? (14:30); how God uses suffering (19:30); why do bad things happen to good people? (27:00); transgenderism as child abuse (36:00); the Christian Research Journal article “Killing the Canaanites” (42:00); what difference does belief in original sin make? (48:30); why people who think heaven will be boring are wrong (51:00); the importance of making our lives on Earth count (57:30); what does God want our legacy on Earth to be? (1:01:30); finding ways to be useful to God (1:04:30).

Release date: 23 August 2017

This week Hank is joined on Hank Unplugged by Dr. Benjamin Wiker, a distinguished professor and author of many books. This conversation runs the intellectual gamut as they discuss issues facing our world today such as Islamic persecution of Christians, building our economies around vices, and the need for a deeper discussion on global warming.

Topics discussed include: Muslim Persecution of Christians in the Middle East (4:00); Islam, The Reformation and a call for Mere Christianity (8:00); In Defense of Nature–Environmental and Ethical Ecological Systems (15:30); Recycling as a distraction from our consumerist behavior (27:00); The danger of building economies around our vices (35:00); Correlating the empire of waste with the 7 deadly sins (41:00); The addiction driven by hyperpalatability in food, pornography and technology (44:00); Misleading food labels revealing the importance of a local economy (56:00); The need for wider, deeper talk about global warming (1:06:00); Wiker’s Book 10 Books that Screwed Up The World revealing how ideas have consequences (1:14:30); Do we live in a meaningful world?(1:18:30).

Release date: 23 August 2017

This week, Hank is joined on Hank Unplugged by Carl Amari, producer of the award-winning Word of Promise audio Bible. Find out how Carl has produced audio versions of the Bible that enable us to hear and understand the Bible like never before in human history.

Topics discussed include: the origins of Carl’s interest in classic dramatic radio (5:00); the future of terrestrial radio (11:00); presenting the Bible with A-list actors performing the audio to create a theater for the mind (13:00); the “street cred” Hollywood actors feel when working on a project related to the Bible (18:00); using the Apocrypha to better understand the Bible (24:00); the importance of having different biblical translations (26:00); the usefulness of having a theologian to provide actors with biblical context when recording the Bible (31:00); the evolution of production and consumption in media today (38:30); the free page Carl made for followers of CRI to stream the Word of Promise version of the Gospel of Mark [] (42:00); will movie theaters soon disappear? (48:00); could audio Bibles help solve problems of biblical illiteracy in the world today? (51:00).

Release date: 14 August 2017

This week, Hank is joined on Hank Unplugged by New York Times best-selling author Jay Richards. Jay is a true Renaissance man academically, and their conversation exemplifies that as they touch on a wide range of topics such as global warming, gender identity, consensus science, economics, the Eucharist, and much more.

Topics discussed include: the right questions to ask about global warming (2:30); does Al Gore really believe his own rhetoric? (9:30); illiberal liberalism on college campuses and the culture at large (12:00); the gender identity movement’s war on natural law’s of science (17:30); the consequences of going against the cultural narrative as shown by astrophysicist and Intelligent Design advocate Guillermo Gonzalez (23:30); our Earth as “The Privileged Planet” (27:00); taking materialist claims to their logical conclusion (31:00); how to think about celebrity scientists like Bill Nye and Neil Degrasse Tyson (38:00); consensus science or group think? (40:00); Millennial views on capitalism and socialism (44:00); Jay’s book on “The Vision of Freedom That Tolkien Got and the West Forgot” called The Hobbit Party (52:30); the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist; and the importance of having an eternal perspective (57:00).

Release date: 12 August 2017

This week, Hank is joined on Hank Unplugged by John Stonestreet, president of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview and cohost of the radio show BreakPoint. This is a truly wide-ranging conversation on the major cultural issues of today and how Christians should handle these uniquely modern issues outlined in Stonestreet’s new book, A Practical Guide to Culture: Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today’s World.

Topics discussed include: Chuck Colson as a mentor to both (1:30); the false dichotomy of sacred and secular and the pandemic of churches conforming to the culture (9:00); the importance of authority in the church in accordance with Scripture and the ties to church history (17:00); the distinction between cultural waves and undercurrents outlined in Stonestreet’s book A Practical Guide to Culture (23:30); the problem of perpetual adolescence and a culture that craves staying young forever (30:00); how information has replaced knowledge in our age, the shifting importance of right from wrong to whether we’re nice or mean, and discernment as an antidote (37:00); the transactional nature some churches have taken on as opposed to being transformational (43:30); the influence of materialists like Richard Dawkins on culture and the loss of what it means to be humans made in the Imago Dei (51:30); gender fluidity in contrast to biological reality (56:30); influencing the culture rather than the culture changing us (1:01:00).

Release date: 2 August 2017

This week Hank is joined on Hank Unplugged by one of his closest friends and brothers in Christ, Chris Wilde. Hank and Chris became friends as a result of the providential meeting between the local church and the Christian Research Institute that resulted in an extensive primary research project that resulted in the CRI Journal titled We Were Wrong. Years of research led CRI to amend their position on the local church from one of condemnation to one of commendation, as the group has played a significant role in the transformation of Hank’s personal life in addition to the moniker of the ministry. This is an emotional episode of Hank Unplugged that you cannot miss.

Topics discussed include: The unlikely origins of their friendship as a result of investigating the Lord’s recovery (4:30); The providential meeting between the local churches and the Christian Research Institute and the primary research project that ensued (8:30); The revolutionary impact the Lord’s recovery has had on Hank personally as well as the ministry of CRI (18:30); Brief history of Watchman Nee, Witness Lee and their ministries in China and beyond (21:00); A seminal moment in Hank’s life that caused the moniker of CRI to change to “Because life and truth matter” (26:30); A moving story of the meeting between Gretchen Passantino and a Christian Chinese man who suffered immense persecution as a result of her writings for CRI in the 70’s (33:00); The significance of the local church edition of the CRI Journal entitled We Were Wrong (42:00); The continued damage that misinformation does to the Local Church (53:00); Chris’s transformational testimony (59:30); The immense value of the Local Church to the body of Christ (1:07:00).

Release date: 31 July 2017

This week, Hank is joined on Hank Unplugged by Paul Nelson, a PHD in philosophy and a leader in the Intelligent Design movement. At one point in history, it would have been difficult to believe that the mighty Soviet Union would fall, but it did, and Dr. Paul Nelson believes that there are major cracks in the edifice of evolution and that Darwinism is ready for a fall of its own.

Topics discussed include: whether or not Darwin would have been able to propose his theory as it were today (5:00); the persuasive effect of presenting arguments with a spirit of love and respect (12:00); the unscientific baggage that advocates of evolution bring to the table as a “theory about us” (17:00); the unhappy consequence of celebrity culture seeping into the sciences with “celebrity scientists” like Bill Nye and Neil Degrasse Tyson creating cultural consensus (26:00); the expectation of radical shifts on critical Darwinian concepts such as common descent in the next decade (31:00); the courage of Michael Behe and others who challenge the scientific status quo (39:00); comparing the collapse of the Soviet Union with the eventual collapse of the evolutionary edifice (47:00); the key to earning the right to dissent is becoming the best student of the prevailing view (57:00).

Release date: 19 July 2017

This week, Hank is joined on Hank Unplugged by Michael Behe, a distinguished biochemist and the subject of a new documentary called Revolutionary: Michael Behe and the Mystery of Molecular Machines. Listen in as they discuss Behe’s trailblazing insights into irreducible complexity, the compatibility of faith and science, pitfalls of scientific consensus, the status of the Intelligent Design movement, and much more.

Topics discussed include: how Behe’s doubts of Darwin’s theories caused him to write the book Darwin’s Black Box as an alternative explanation and the uproar that ensued (7:00); the use of a mousetrap to explain the idea of irreducible complexity as an indicator of Intelligent Design (13:00); how scientific discoveries and progress will eventually explain away Darwin’s grandest claims (20:00); the difficult road for those in the scientific community who advocate for Intelligent Design (28:00); explaining the molecular machine that is the bacterial flagellum as an indicator of complexity calling for Intelligent Design (33:00); the true compatibility of faith and science (37:30); the unscientific hypocrisy of untouchable topics, biases, and stakeholder interests in the sciences (42:00); signs of prejudicial judiciary in the Kitzmiller v. Dover trial (50:00); the anti-intellectual nature of ignoring alternative explanations and the pitfalls of scientific consensus as a stand-in for truth (56:00); the power of one person to make a change by challenging the status quo and taking a stand (1:03:00).

Release date: 18 July 2017

Hank is joined on Hank Unplugged by the eminently quotable Larry Johnston, a friend and colleague of nearly 40 years, for a wide-ranging conversation certain to send you searching for a dictionary. You can’t miss this cranial candy dealing with Christ, conversion experiences and conversation.

Topics discussed include: An understanding of their ages and their desire to make the biggest impact for ministry while yet on the planet (6:00); Their interwoven journey’s in ministry over the past 40 years (12:00); The battle for the mind in an age when evidence is seemingly trumped by authority (19:30); Apologetics as antidote to the atheistic ambush in educational institutions today (28:00); The false conflictions concerning science and religion (34:00); Larry’s testimony as a “Road to Damascus” soteriological experience (39:00); Observations of the obvious effects of uncreated energy on the rewiring of cerebral circuits and the soul (47:00); Apprehensive allowance for faithful mysteries to remain mysterious (59:00); Why the Christian Research Institute changed their moniker to “because life and truth matter” to embrace the necessity of balance (1:03:00); Their passion for podcasts as a vehicle to think deeper and reignite the art of dialogue (1:08:00).

Release date: 12 July 2017

This week, Hank is joined on Hank Unplugged by Middle East expert Raymond Ibrahim to discuss the stark reality of Islamic issues faced by the world today in context with historical analysis, not the least of them being the Muslim genocide and persecution of Christians.

Topics discussed include: the West actively undermining itself and the reality of Islam (6:00); the aberration of labeling Islam as one of the Abrahamic faiths (10:00); the difference between Mohammed and Christ (13:30); is the Allah of Islam the God of the Bible? (19:30); Muslim mob mentality and the convenience of conversion in many Islamic theocracies (27:00); setting the historical record straight on the difference between jihad and the crusades (30:30); exposing the myth of the Andalusian Paradise (37:00); the reality that radical Islam is run-of-the-mill Islam (42:00); hypocrisy in the United States in dealing with Saudi Arabia and ISIS (53:00); the danger of lumping all Muslims together with the ideology of Islam (59:00); the mass genocide and persecution of Christians in the world today done in the name of Islam (1:07:00); Islamic tyranny toward women (1:17:00); the oxymoronic nature of the term “secular Muslim” (1:20:00); the decline of a Western civilization devoid of Christ (1:26:00); and the danger of taking a controversial stand for truth (1:28:00).

Release date: 6 July 2017

This week, Joe Dallas, a hall-of-fame guest on the Bible Answer Man broadcast, joins Hank Hanegraaff on Hank Unplugged to discuss Christian perspectives on human sexuality and how to convey the heart of God while speaking the truth in love.

Topics discussed include: Joe’s transition into and out of a gay lifestyle (8:00); the issue of gender fluidity and the fallacy of feelings as a legitimate basis for individuals to “speak things into existence” (21:00); cultural capitulation in the church (35:00); the impending sexual Tower of Babel that gender fluidity represents and the social confusion it causes (44:00); how to handle difficult questions about homosexuality and God’s will (49:00); the importance of Christians standing up for their convictions in the face of persecution (52:00); and ways Christians can reach, as opposed to repel, when it comes to issues of human sexuality (59:00).

Release date: 28 June 2017

Dr. Frank Beckwith joins Hank on Hank Unplugged to discuss their shared history as prominent evangelical Protestants who’ve converted to different historical traditions within the Christian faith and their desire for greater church unity, while also demonstrating the importance of apologetics and discourse.

Topics discussed include: how advances in technology further cement their belief that the watershed issue of our age is still abortion (5:00); nostalgic memories of late-night theological discussions with Bob and Gretchen Passantino and the importance of open-minded discourse in apologetics (14:30); the value of being a lifelong learner, its impact on Hank’s conversion to Orthodoxy and Frank’s return to Roman Catholicism, and both men’s belief in the importance of embracing Mere Christianity (20:00); misconceptions of Catholicism, the importance of unity between the branches of Christianity (31:00); misunderstandings regarding works-righteousness sanctification, grace, and the transformational truth of the gospel (40:30); their controversial conversions and the impact of encouraging notes between Hank and Frank themselves (50:30); The Benedict Option and the need for Christians to be an example to the culture, not of the culture (1:04:00); the importance of having an eternal perspective and developing spiritual disciplines (1:09:00); John Paul II said the church has two lungs, and it needs to breathe with both, referring to the church in the East and the West, and both men end the podcast by making a call for church unity (1:15:00).

Release date: 22 June 2017

In this second episode of Hank Unplugged, Hank invites “the most interesting man in the world,” Rod Dreher, onto the podcast to discuss his book The Benedict Option.

Topics discussed include: who Benedict was and how he laid the groundwork for the rebirth of Western Civilization after the fall of Rome (3:40); Christians that are indistinguishable from the culture (6:40); their conversions to Orthodoxy, difficulties that they faced as a result, and how it helped shape them spiritually (8:30); the importance of a community of believers as opposed to consumeristic Christianity (17:30); historical illiteracy regarding the first 1,500 years of church history and why that is dangerous (21:20); the changing nature of anthropology and the Abolition of Man (26:30); the delusional idea that politics will change the culture and how losing political power might be the very thing that saves the church (30:15); millennials leaving the church and a possible trend toward liturgical worship (40:45); and The Benedict Option as a primer on how to find God in the ruins of Rome (50:30).

Release date: 14 June 2017

Hank Hanegraaff, host of the Bible Answer Man broadcast and president of the Christian Research Institute, makes his debut into podcasting with the first episode of Hank Unplugged by inviting his close friend and best-selling author Frederica Mathewes-Green onto the podcast to discuss Hank’s transition into Eastern Orthodoxy, being diagnosed with cancer, and the way that those two situations have impacted one another.

Topics discussed include the difference Orthodoxy has made for Hank after being diagnosed with cancer and reordering his life around the divine (11:00); the history of the church, schisms, and the high priestly prayer that we all must be as one (14:00); community memory as a source of Church authority and the perpetuation of Holy tradition in addition to “being biblical” (22:30); the “spiritual gymnasium” found in the Orthodox Church (37:30); the tension Hank feels between wanting the Lord to heal him and wanting the Lord to prune him for His glory as a witness (40:30); the idea of intercession of the community of the saints through prayer and the idea that there are no dead Christians (46:30); and how Hank has staked his whole career and ministry on his belief in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist (52:30).

Release date: 9 June 2017

Hank Unplugged: A new podcast brought to you by the Christian Research Institute. For more than fifty years, millions of listeners at home and abroad have enjoyed the answers and insights of the Bible Answer Man broadcast. Now, listeners can also hear best-selling author and CRI president Hank Hanegraaff on Hank Unplugged, a new podcast designed to range farther and dive deeper into both perennial and contemporary issues of interest to thinking Christians. Out of the studio and into his study, Hank now adds to the Bible Answer Man broadcast a more personal perspective on matters of life and truth of concern to thoughtful believers. He will invite some of his closest friends and brightest minds onto the Hank Unplugged podcast for free-flowing, truly engaging discussions on issues that you care about. For insightful analysis and commentary on living Christianly in a post-Christian world, make note of Hank Unplugged. It’s a new channel of quality content that serious kingdom change agents won’t want to miss.

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