“If most Christians view real fasting as weird, unimportant,
legalistic, optional, or even unhealthy, we won’t make it part of our
lives, and we will never enjoy the blessings — physical, mental,
and spiritual — that it offers. We need a paradigm shift.”

Hank HanegraaffDear Partner,

I’m hoping that 2020 will be more than just a great year for you.

In fact, I’m hoping it will be one of the best years of your life.

You see, the last couple of years of staring mortality in the face have given me a much deeper appreciation for the truth of Psalm 39:5:

“You, indeed, have made my days as handbreadths, and my lifetime as nothing before you.

Truly each man at his best exists as but a breath.”

It will come as no surprise that my battle with cancer has radically altered my perspective on health. And because I recognize with a greater clarity than ever the importance of health — yours as well as mine — I want to share a resource that can significantly change your life.

How do I know? Because it has changed mine.

I’m talking about New York Times bestselling author and friend Dr. Jay Richards’ new book Eat, Fast, Feast: Heal Your Body While Feeding Your Soul — A Christian Guide to Fasting.  Here’s what I wrote as an endorsement:

“Finally, a book with the promise of healing the whole of you — physically and spiritually! Richards is a polymath you can trust, and Eat, Fast, Feast is trustworthy and true. If you are confused about when to eat and when to abstain from eating, don’t delay, read today. I did, and the results have been transformational.”

Like millions of others concerned about their health, I’ve never really known which diet plans or weight loss gurus to trust. The sheer tonnage of books with competing and often conflicting claims is enough to cause many people just to throw their hands up in confusion and exasperation.

But here’s what made the difference for me. I’ve known Jay for more than 20 years, and in his areas of expertise I absolutely know I can trust him. And that’s why in my personal quest for health — physical as well as spiritual — it was a real relief when he wrote Eat, Fast, Feast.

Why? Because I now understand with laser clarity that God isn’t interested in just our bodily health. He’s interested in the whole of us: body, soul, and spirit.

In the case of this book’s remarkable prescriptions for complete health, trust me. I’m not encouraging you to embrace something I haven’t tested personally. I’ve put the wisdom and valuable insights of this book into practice in my own life, and guess what:

● I feel great coming out of cancer, chemotherapy, and a very close brush with death. That’s like feeling terrific after a near fatal mugging!
● For those who struggle with their weight, catch this: I now have the smallest waist I’ve had since I was a teenager!
● And no small matter, I’m thrilled with Jay’s recommended eating plan.

What makes this book unique? Far beyond the extensive research into the physical aspects of well-being, Jay draws on the ancient church’s centuries-old practice of intermittent fasting as a way of life in Christ and shares the ancient church’s fasting calendar, totally unknown by most modern Western Christians

And their diet? Well, for hundreds of years prior to our modern era, Christians ate in far healthier ways than we do now. They didn’t have the SAD (Standard American Diet) voluminous proportions of highly processed foods that are major contributors to our current obesity and health epidemics.

And just as important, they fasted regularly as part
of a spiritual discipline, and that fasting had enduring benefits
largely unknown to most modern Christians.

While we have  excerpts from Eat, Fast, Feast, at the linked donation page in the description section, let me say just this much now.

Because I genuinely want 2020 to be a year of great health for you — physically, mentally, spiritually — I’d like to send you a copy of Jay’s book. I’m confident that if you follow the plan that he outlines, just as I have, you’ll benefit in multiple ways.

In fact, I’m not only confident that you’ll feel better, but if you’re interested in shedding a few pounds (and who isn’t these days?), you’ll likely shed those pounds in ways they’re unlikely to return.

But unlike most books that promote diets that focus solely on the physical, what Eat, Fast, Feast outlines is not a diet. It’s a six-week plan for a powerful paradigm shift and genuinely holistic health that could help 2020 to be one of the healthiest years of your life.

I’ll encourage you to take just a moment to scan excerpts from Eat, Fast, Feast, at the linked donation page in the description section.

I think you’ll see that Eat, Fast, Feast is not only an authoritative, informative, and enormously practical read from one of my favorite Christian scholars and writers, it’s a true gift to Christians eager to grow spiritually as they get healthier physically. Here’s to making 2020 one of your best years yet!

…because Life and Truth matter,

Host, Bible Answer Man Broadcast

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