Hank Hanegraaff“Truth is so obscure in these times, and
falsehood so established, that unless we love the
truth, we cannot know it.” —BLAISE PASCAL

Dear Partner,


Frankly, I’m hard pressed to better distill in one word the essence of our times.

And as Christians, we better wake up, stand up, and speak up, or things will grow more
perilous still.

You see,  what sobers me is the thought that future historians may treat the current COVID-19 pandemic as a relatively minor footnote compared to the loss of the Christian mind that threatened the very foundations of civilization in America.

I know I don’t need to persuade you of the rampant insanity. Like a flashback to the turbulent and chaotic ’60s, alarming images of anarchists rioting, looting, and throwing Molotov cocktails are merely symptomatic of a deeper disease.

And what is missed by most people is that the disease isn’t the critical threat. The truth is that human depravity and aggression have been with us for millennia and they won’t be disappearing any time soon.

Yet much like the coronavirus has represented the gravest threat to those with compromised immune systems

and pre-existing conditions, outrageous assaults on truth and reality are now

the greatest threats to people with compromised minds and deficits of courage!

Anaesthetized by quietism, escapism, and a growing infantile dependence on government to cure our ills, Christians who could turn the cultural tide are lamentably silent. What’s worse, we are disastrously inactive and ineffective on strategic battlefronts that will determine the outcome of these culture wars.

But please hear this: The problem isn’t that we are outnumbered. It’s that we are clearly being outmaneuvered by those who apparently are more committed to act upon their deranged beliefs than Christians are for a faith that once turned the world upside down!

Frankly, that’s why the Christian Research Institute’s mission of equipping believers to think and live Christianly is more critical than at any time in our 60-year history. Why? Because when CRI was founded, it was largely a counter-cult ministry. Today we’re still very much “counter-.” But the battlefronts have ominously shifted and the stakes are now higher.

You see, we’re unambiguously ‘pro’ the kingdom of God. And our commitment to both the Great Commission and the Great Commandment hasn’t diminished one iota. Without a doubt, what we’re for drives us much more than what we’re against. But more and more this necessitates being counter-cultural missionaries and change agents.

We’re counter the moral decadence that has sacrificed more than 60 million unborn
children to abortion.

And we’re counter the mindlessness and jaw-dropping detachment from reality that now allows for 50+ gender preferences and cries to defund the police. (With buildings burning, why not also defund our fire departments?)

Let’s make no mistake. We simply dare not sit idly by as younger generations continue to chug the deadly cultural Kool-Aid that is destroying the very minds and values of those who will one day lead and govern America. Whether they will lead us to higher ground or to oblivion remains to be seen.

That’s why we’re passionately committed to relentlessly building the immune systems of Christians to effectively withstand the mounting assaults on the Christian mind and Christian values by secular nihilists. We do that 24/7 through multiple channels, and our handpicked resources are among the most effective antidotes.

Because our current social and cultural decadence is overwhelming evidence that more Christians need to think, live, and act Christianly, Please click here for three great “immune system building” resources. They’re great resources for you and your family, and also make meaningful gifts to friends and loved ones whose mental immune systems, like us all, can use strengthening. These resources are just a small sample of the vast mind-shaping and equipping resources available through CRI, but we can provide these only because friends and ministry partners like you stand with us.

Given all that’s at stake in the spiritual, social, and cultural battles raging around us, can I count on your help today?

Your generous gift today of whatever you can afford is simply critical to our continuing work!

If our work together is diminished in any way, it’s tantamount to diminishing the mental and spiritual immune systems that are critical to the future health of our nation.

To put it in biblical terms, the choice before us is not a new one — but it will largely determine the future of our nation:

“I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse; therefore choose life, that you and your descendants may live.”

—Deuteronomy 30:19


because Life and Truth matter,

Host, Bible Answer Man Broadcast

P.S. If history is any guide, we should have no illusions about the stakes of our present choices and action or inaction. We can indeed lose our current culture wars with staggering consequences for the future. Naïve, triumphalist assertions to the contrary are based on ignorance, denial, or little more than wishful thinking.

Should we lose these wars, I fear that the cause of death will be a misguided spiritual quietism: a calm and potentially fatal acceptance of things as they are without attempts to resist or change them.

Your support today signals clearly that you won’t raise a white flag of surrender to the growing insanity around us. Our individual and collective hope grows with our ability to respond effectively to these challenges. And despair will undoubtedly grow commensurate with our inaction. In short, the difference you can make is not only vital. It is urgent. And I’m more grateful for the difference you make than you’ll ever know!

P.P.S. I encourage you to print out the Deuteronomy verse at the end of the letter and use it as a Bible bookmark. I think it’s a powerful reminder of the choice we now face daily.