Hank Hanegraaff

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”  —Martin Luther King Jr.

Dear CRI Partner:

For decades I’ve been passionate about defending truth. Increasingly, I’m concerned about defending reality.

Frankly, as I read the newspapers each day, I think I’ve stepped into the Twilight Zone.

Why? Because our consensus on what constitutes ‘reality’ seems to have evaporated. Multitudes — including powerful influencers in government, education, Big Tech, media, and entertainment — appear to have lost their minds.

For just a few among dozens of examples:

  • We rigorously vet doctors and top scientists wishing to come to America from Europe, but we throw wide open the doors to drug dealers, human traffickers, and murderous gangbangers on our southern border.
  • Boys can now be girls and girls boys. And given gender fluidity (the menu of genders now available is dizzying), you can choose to be a boy in the morning and a girl in the afternoon.
  • Putting mass murderers to death is seen as a cruel violation of their rights, while slaughtering thousands of unborn children daily is perfectly fine.

In the midst of this pandemic of cognitive and cultural convulsions — bordering on a reality inversion — good has become evil and evil good. Or so our ideological spin masters in high places would have us believe. Which raises two interesting questions:

  1. Is it possible for you to immunize yourself against the rampant insanity?
  1. Is there a cure for the ideological and spiritual cancers that if unstopped could end the quality of life as we have been privileged to know it?

The good news is “Yes,” but there is no natural immunity. Any immunity gained is immunity we develop by anchoring our minds in solid evidence and sound reasoning.

And the truth be told, few do this as well as J. Warner Wallace, one of America’s top cold-case detectives and a bestselling author.

In his new book, Person of Interest: Why Jesus Still Matters in a World that Rejects the Bible, you’ll join this detective as he uncovers the truth about Jesus using the same approach he uses to solve real murder cases.

And vitally important, you’ll learn how to use his investigative strategy to examine and undermine the intellectually and morally bankrupt ideologies of those who are actively seeking to undermine common sense, destroy traditional values, and consign Christianity to the dust bins of history.

While I’ve linked to an insert (please see description section for resources here) for your review regarding two vital equipping resources, I’m convinced that MLK put his finger on a critical truth when he said that

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Because future generations will most certainly and severely suffer from any silence or inaction on our behalf, I’m hoping you’ll get copies of these books for yourself and others.

My prayer is that growing numbers of Christians will wake up, stand up, and speak up whenever and wherever they can to pump the brakes on the madness that will certainly prevail if we remain silent.

Please take a moment to scan the insert for more on Person of Interest and a brilliant new book, Taking Leave of Darwin: A Longtime Agnostic Discovers the Case for Design.

Also, because all that we do is made possible only through the partnership of friends like you, I’ll ask you to do all you can today through a generous gift to acquire these vital resources and strengthen all of CRI’s outreaches in the process. Given the continuing assaults on truth, life, and even ‘reality,’ the consequences of silence and inaction by Christians are simply unthinkable.

Please know that your partnership makes a real difference during these turbulent and challenging days. Not only in individual lives but more broadly in defending even our most basic notions of reality.

…because Life and Truth matter,


P.S.  As the assaults on rationality, common sense, and decency mount, I pray that growing numbers of Christians will commit to being relentless agents of change for the power of truth!