Hank HanegraaffDear CRI Partner:

If you think that millions in America have gone crazy, you’re not alone.

Multitudes now applaud a trans female who wins swimming competitions due to the physical advantages of being a biological male.

A nominee to the Supreme Court (now a justice-in-waiting) doesn’t dare to define a woman!

I won’t bore you with a chilling list of inanities and insanities, but I’ll ask you a question:

Does Romans 1:28 ring a bell? (“…since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, he gave them over to a depraved mind…”)

If you think the insanity is going to stop any time soon, I’d cordially invite you to think again. In fact, I’m confident we haven’t seen the worst of what’s to come. And tragically, most Christians are woefully unprepared for the intellectual and spiritual battles on the horizon.

That’s why efforts to restore a biblical worldview are not just important. They’re critical and urgent. And that’s why your partnership with CRI during the months of May and June is vital.

Although the causes of our cultural woes can’t be reduced to simplistic diagnoses, it is unquestionable that a huge part of our spiritual, moral, and cultural decline is due to the fact that we’re simply not winning the battle for hearts and minds. And a major cause is the cumulative impact of the nonstop stream of secular ideologies and Woke nonsense that is daily flooding people’s minds!

Years ago, these stark and chilling words from Russian author and Nobel Laureate Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn diagnosed the malady of this moment: “Man has forgotten God, that is why this has happened.”

Because there is no such thing as isolationism in the body of Christ, CRI’s impact is increasingly international by intention — Going Global.

CRI is increasingly active in the 10/40 Window — a region that is between 10 and 40 degrees north latitude and stretches from the west coast of Africa to the east coast of Asia. An astounding amount of people who have never heard the name of Christ live in this 10/40 Window. While growing numbers of people in this region have become Christians, they are severely lacking in adequate resources to equip them to grow deeper in their faith and offer an apologetic for their faith with accuracy and acuity.

In short, the 10/40 Window is an opportunity for CRI — and our partners like you — to have a truly transformational impact on an unfathomable amount of people for time and for eternity. And while CRI has an absolutely vast arsenal when it comes to today’s battle for the mind — here at home and within the 10/40 Window — few resources are more impactful than the CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL. And that’s why I’ll ask for your help in putting the JOURNAL into the hands and heads of other believers.

When it comes to thinking Christianly and critically about current issues that really matter to our future, the JOURNAL is simply a vital resource. And it’s a gift you can make that keeps on giving!

In case you’ve missed recent issues, here are some highlights from 2021:

  • “‘Restoring’ the Divine Name in the New World Translation? A Strategy for Dialoging with Jehovah’s Witnesses”
  • “A Heretic’s Christ, a False Salvation: A Review of Richard Rohr’s The Universal Christ: How a Forgotten Reality Can Change Everything We See, Hope for, and Believe”
  • “Critical Theory and Abortion as an Act of Oppression”
  • “Is It Time to Change Ministry to LGBTQ People?”
  • “Is the Pope Infallible?”

What’s on deck for the JOURNAL this Spring?

  • The Battle for the Historical Adam and Eve
  • Did Adam and Eve really exist? Were Adam and Eve reconfigured apes? Was Adam created
  • “Lessons Learned (and Not Learned) from the Evangelical Debate over Adam and Eve”
  • “Trusting Jesus in a Universe that Doesn’t Have Your Back”
  • “What Can Eastern Orthodox and Evangelical Christians Learn from Each Other?”
  • “Sexual Identity and the Biblical Philosophy of Gender”
  • “The Age of Opportunity: How the Bible Gives Hope for Aging”

In today’s world where “reality” is increasingly up for grabs, frontline workers just can’t afford to plead ignorance or to bring intellectual rubber knives to ideological fights while militant secularists are bringing machetes!

That’s why I’ll ask for your help today by responding to a special offer…

To get the CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL into the hands of more Christians, we’re offering a JOURNAL subscription for your gift to the ministry during these critical months of the year for CRI. Better yet, we’re offering two subscriptions — for yourself, family members, a pastor or anyone else that would appreciate this transformational truth — for a gift of $50 or more. In fact, you can get three subscriptions for a gift of $75 or more; and for a gift of $100 or more, we’ll provide four subscriptions along with two JOURNAL hardcover books: What Is Truth? and Whose Ethics, Whose Morals?

While the JOURNAL has long been CRI’s flagship for serious thinkers, it remains just one ship in CRI’s ministry “fleet.” Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve done with the help of partners like you to encourage and equip fellow believers to think biblically and to stand effectively against the mounting assaults on truth:

  • Launched in 2017, Hank Unplugged now has 143 episodes and counting. Being meticulous in both the selection of guests and preparation for the podcast ensures that these evergreen episodes will enlighten, educate, and entertain our audience. In fact, one listener wrote: “I have an MA in apologetics and two MA’s in Old Testament Semitics and Theology….I am often able to learn more in one episode of the podcast than in a whole month of my studies.”
  • Over the past year we’ve added Hank Unplugged “Shorts” — a convenient way for busy people to get insightful perspectives on important issues.
  • Our podcasts are having an impact beyond our borders — reaching listeners in every corner of our world and equipping Christians to be salt and light in their families, their churches, their communities, and their nations.

And to promote much needed unity and overcome the denominational tribalism and doctrinal spats that effectively forfeit the battle for truth to secularists and atheists, we feature guests from different Christian traditions and academic disciplines, from Nathan Jacobs, Bradley Nassif, Frederica Mathewes-Green, to Joe Dallas, Lee Strobel, Gary Habermas, Jack Graham, Douglas Groothuis, Gary DeMar, Paul Nelson, and Michael Behe, Jay Richards, Benjamin Wiker, Marcellino D’Ambrosio, Ryszard Legutko, Tristan Azbej, and Francis Chan.

What’s more, we are constantly improving CRI’s website, adding content and features that will make our mind-shaping and life-changing resources that much more potent in the battle for hearts and minds.

And while your support is always important to all of CRI’s outreaches, your support between now and fiscal year-end June 30 is nothing short of CRITICAL.

As the last month of our fiscal year, support from partners and friends in June determines  not only how we end this fiscal year but our financial health and strength going into the fiscal year ahead.

From our broadcasts to podcasts and from the CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL to CRI’s vast website resources, it’s no exaggeration to say that these would all quickly disappear without the support of friends like you.

So please take just a moment to review our special limited time JOURNAL offer and giving for Fiscal Year End. Then, knowing how important ALL these resources are in the ongoing battle for truth, please do all you can with a generous gift today to ensure that CRI’s outreaches and resources remain available to those on the frontlines standing for life and truth.

For all that your partnership means at this critical time as we strive to equip fellow believers to help restore a biblical worldview to a rapidly decaying culture, I am eternally grateful!

…because Life and Truth matter,


P.S. As Dr. Andrew Geleris has well said, “When we bless God with our money, God blesses us with the things that money cannot buy. Joy. Peace. Depth of Prayer. And meaning in our lives.” The impact of your gift and the resources it will make available are vital. With all that’s at stake for future generations, we cannot afford to lose these battles!