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Letter From Hank

Hank HanegraaffFebruary 2017

Dear CRI Partner:

If you like tough questions, I’ve got one that might be right up your alley:

What is the greatest lie in the history of the world?

I’m guessing that with a bit of thought, most people could come up with a number of candidates.  Here’s one of mine:

Islam is a religion of peace.”

Without a doubt, the mere suggestion that Islam isn’t a religion of peace would cause many of our politically correct leaders to break out in hives.  But that’s due to more than just the political correctness that is so fashionable and dangerous in the United States today.

It’s due to a woeful ignorance of world history and an apparent immunity to the facts, regardless of how hideously brutal.

While I want to share with you what’s at stake here — and how you can help counter this dangerous ignorance — permit me to get your attention with some alarming facts.

How many people have died at the hands of Islamists over the last 1400 years?

According to a variety of sources, 120 million Africans.  Eighty million Hindus.  Sixty million Christians.  Ten million Buddhists.  And that doesn’t include the millions of Muslims killed by other Muslims.

To those who might be quick to protest that they personally know Muslims who are peaceful, I don’t contest that.  But they’re peaceful in spite of Islam, not because of it.

Why do I risk the inevitable outcries that pointing this out is “not productive”?  Well, for multiple reasons, but here are just two:

1) Truth always has been divisive.   

2) If, as Christians concerned about truth and the kingdom of God, we don’t wake up, the long-term consequences could be unthinkable.

For starters, consider the fact that while the sun is setting on the Christian church in America (you could fit every evangelical in America into New York state), Islam is now the world’s fastest-growing religion.  What’s more, there are now more mosques than Methodist churches in Great Britain and more Muslims than Episcopalians in the United States.

Some might find these trends undisturbing until they realize that central to Islam is the question of how to crush and subjugate unbelievers.  (In case you’re wondering, the Kafir — Arabic for infidel — includes you and me.)  No mere sidebar in Islam, what to do with “infidels” is 64 percent of the Qur’an and over 80 percent of the Sira, Muhammad’s biography.

In fact, there are more than 100 verses in the Qur’an
directing Muslims to rape, pillage, torture, and
conquer the Kafir in the name of Allah.

What’s more, these diabolical atrocities come with promised rewards:

“In 2004, a fourteen-year-old would-be Palestinian suicide bomber told the Israeli troops who disarmed him: ‘Blowing myself up is the only chance I’ve got to have sex with 72 virgins in the Garden of Eden.’  Another fourteen-year-old explained how a jihadist recruiter enticed him to join the jihad in Iraq: ‘He told me about paradise, about virgins, about Islam.’”

Although such notions are absurd and even grotesquely comical at one level, we can rest assured they’re no laughing matter to those currently being slaughtered or forced into slavery by ISIL and other radical Muslim groups. 

Or to the thousands of Westerners who have gone to Syria and Iraq willing to fight and die for jihad in the name of Allah.

Are they fighting for freedom?  Not hardly.  In fact, Muslims in the West publicly protest as they carry signs saying “Freedom Go to Hell.”

And if, like most Christians, you think that Sharia law is only for the masked terrorists of ISIL or Al Qaeda, you’d be wrong.  In fact, as you read these lines, the Sultan of Brunei is in the process of implementing Sharia in three phases:

Phase One includes “fines and prison sentences for ‘crimes’ such as pregnancies outside of wedlock, propagating religions other than Islam, and not attending mandatory Friday prayers.”

Phase Two includes “floggings and cutting off of hands for property offenses.”

Phase Three is “stoning for offenses like adultery, abortion, homosexuality/ sodomy, and even blasphemy.”

All of this, said the Sultan, is to cohere to “Allah’s command as written in the Qur’an.”

Because the threat of Islam spiritually, theologically, and culturally is growing daily, and because most Christians have little idea of how the totalitarian theology of Islam is driving the ideology and conflicts in the Middle East that we read about daily, it’s time to wake up.

And trust me; we’re not going to be getting any wake-up calls from the mainstream media or academic or political elites (though the latter may be changing with a new president).  They’re not going to do anything that would undermine their naïve narrative of political correctness.

That’s why I want you to have two timely and highly relevant resources.

The first is a special issue of the CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL with two important articles on Islam. The second is Mindy Belz’s riveting book They Say We Are Infidels: On the Run from ISIS with Persecuted Christians in the Middle East.

To receive your copies, simply visit our resource page and make your tax-deductible gift today.  Your gift will make an immediate difference in undergirding and strengthening CRI’s “24/7” equipping outreaches that are changing minds and lives around the globe.

For the difference your prayers and financial support make in so many lives on the home front and abroad, and for all that your partnership means to me personally, I’m more grateful than you’ll ever know.

Because Life and Truth matter…


P.S. There’s a clear reason why increasing numbers of Muslims joyfully are accepting the emancipating power of the risen Christ. The contrast between the One who died that others might live and those who live that infidels might die just couldn’t be much starker.


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