Hank Hanegraaff

Right thinking doesn’t always insure right action. But wrong thinking or inaction in perilous times can be downright fatal.

You have to be comatose or living in a cave to fail to see the mounting threats to our once Christian nation. Day-by-day, the assaults on common sense, the Christian faith, and reality grow more outrageous as well as dangerous.

From proposals to defund police departments and empty our prisons to multi-trillion dollar progressive proposals that will erode national security and burden future generations with unsustainable levels of national debt, you wouldn’t think things could get more bleak.

The recent move to eliminate the term “master bedroom” from our vocabulary because of ‘racist’ overtones is one example in a growing list of absurdities that make the question of the survival of our society seem so real.

And if you think these assaults will stop any time soon, I’d cordially invite you to think again. I’m confident you and I haven’t seen the worst of it.

That’s why taking a stand has never been more critical. And why your partnership with CRI this month is especially vital to the outreaches of our ministry.

Our problem as Christians in today’s culture wars isn’t that we don’t have the solution. It’s that far too few Christians are willing to actually act on their beliefs.

Some Christians have embraced escapist fantasies — that the worse things get the better they’re actually getting because it means the Rapture will soon take place. Others have embraced an unbiblical and potentially deadly belief that the kingdom of God has nothing to do with culture and human flourishing.

The naïve and biblically illiterate belief that “It’s all up to God…” and that we are merely passive spectators in an apocalyptic drama, or that we can do nothing but wait helplessly until the next election cycle to cast our vote, effectively signals our surrender to these assaults and assures the near certain collapse of all the freedoms we’ve cherished as Americans and Christians.

Yet CRI has not taken these assaults sitting down. In fact, here’s a glimpse of what we’ve done, with your partnership, to encourage and equip fellow believers to think biblically and to be agents of kingdom change at home and around the world:

Launched in 2017, Hank Unplugged now has more than 125 episodes and counting. Hank’s podcast is distributed on over 20 platforms including CRI’s website, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Spreaker, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Audible, Amazon Music, and YouTube. Thanks to the support of friends like you, we’ve gone from 40,000 downloads in 2018 to over 307,000 last year!

Along with podcast downloads in the U.S. and Canada, growing numbers of downloads in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India are equipping Christians to be salt and light in their families, their churches, their communities and their nations.

To promote the unity and community that Christ calls us to in John 17:11 and to overcome the tribalism that continues to divide the body of Christ, and undermine our effectiveness as witnesses of the gospel and agents of positive change, we’ve had guests from all Christian traditions, from Nathan Jacobs, Bradley Nassif, Frederica Mathewes-Green, to Joe Dallas, Lee Strobel, Gary Habermas, Jack Graham, Gary DeMar, Paul Nelson, and Michael Behe, Jay Richards, Benjamin Wiker, Marcellino D’Ambrosio, Ryszard Legutko, Tristan Azbej, and Francis Chan.

What’s more, we’ve covered a wide range of highly relevant topics, including Intelligent Design, Bible reliability, end times, Resurrection, Islam, biblical sexuality, Christian persecution, Christian unity, suffering and illness, the Church Fathers, Eastern Orthodoxy, and the sanctity of life.

Not only this, but CRI’s focus is also to equip Christians to understand the vital union and life that they have in Christ because life in Christ matters. And it is my prayer that you would hunger and thirst for righteousness and desire the presence of God and His kingdom.

In short, NONE of this broad spectrum of biblically based, mind-shaping,

and life-changing work would have happened without the support

of friends and ministry partners like you.

So if you’ve personally benefitted from CRI’s resources or simply want to make a difference ‘24/7’ in equipping fellow believers to stand against the mounting assaults on our beliefs and values by militant, anti-Christian secularists, please make a vital contribution to our work together.

From our broadcasts to podcasts and from our magazine the CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL to CRI’s vast website resources, it’s no exaggeration to say that these would all quickly disappear without friends like you.

Please do all you can with a generous gift today to ensure that CRI’s outreaches and resources remain available to those eager to ‘fight the good fight’ of faith (1 Timothy 6:12).

For all that your partnership means at this critical moment in history as we strive to stand courageously for life and truth, I’m more grateful than you know!

…because Life and Truth matter,


P.S. To continue equipping you to “think and live Christianly,” we’re offering some handpicked resources as our way of saying thanks for all that you make possible in so many lives each and every day of the year!