Letter From Hank

Hank HanegraaffDear CRI Partner:

It may well be the greatest opportunity to equip fellow believers I’ve ever seen.

And the possibilities for leverage and multiplication may have few parallels.

That’s why I’m convinced we must do all we can to seize this opportunity. And why I hope you’ll join me in having a truly historic impact for the kingdom.

You see, I recently returned from a trip to South Asia. Although I’ve been to Asia many times, what I saw this time blew my mind.

You’re no doubt familiar with the 10/40 Window. It’s a portion of our globe between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator. Roughly two-thirds of the world’s 7.75 billion people live here, yet many governments here are overtly antagonistic toward Christianity, if not officially opposed to Christian activity.

And out of three billion people who live among unreached people groups, 96 percent of them live in the 10/40 Window.

But tragically, of all mission funding…

  • 87 percent goes to work among those who are already Christians.
  •  12 percent goes to those already evangelized.
  • Only 1 percent goes for work among unreached peoples.

While most of these countries are either totally closed or severely restricted when it comes to foreigners sharing the gospel, nationals in these countries are not so restricted, although many are often persecuted for their faith.

What broke my heart in my trip to South Asia was seeing again the extent of the grinding poverty. Poverty so bad that parents, unable to feed their children, often put them on trains where they end up living in dumps or being trafficked and abused.

What blew my mind was seeing a virtual ocean of first-generation Christians. Given the spiritual vitality and zeal of these believers, I felt at times like I was transported back in time and walking through the book of Acts!

The extraordinary growth in the number of new believers is the great news. The bad news is that these new believers — and even church leaders — lack a solid, let alone deep, understanding of their new faith.

You may recall that in earlier communications about CRI’s “Going Global” initiative, I’ve referred to these believers as ‘tumbleweed Christians.’ Lacking sufficiently deep roots to ground them in a genuinely biblical faith, they are often blown about by the heretical promises of prosperity preachers or the aberrant teachings of predatory cults.

That’s why I’ve been given the opportunity to provide training for these leaders at every level of the church. Training in sound doctrine and effective biblical apologetics.

And to equip them through a series of teaching tools I’ve done and will be doing to systematically equip millions of believers in thousands of churches across 14 nations!

You’re reading that right.

That’s why I said that this is an extraordinary opportunity to equip literally millions of fellow believers in South Asia right now.

You see, a vast network of irrigation ‘pipes’ exists through these churches to water these fields with sound teaching and discipleship, but they simply lack the equipping resources that CRI has in abundance.

What’s needed urgently now is to continue adapting CRI materials to equip the burgeoning numbers of new believers in the Global South.

Due to economic conditions, thousands of these first-generation Christian leaders have no Bible college or seminary training, and responding to their often urgent questions requires only that we provide them with the answers we’ve been providing for decades through CRI.

An old proverb says that “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.”

Translated to South Asia, this means that if we can see the right spiritual and doctrinal DNA embedded in hundreds of thousands of these believers, we’ll see that same DNA replicated in each wave of new Christ followers.

In turn, you and I can witness the constantly multiplying fruit of fellow believers with deep and sturdy roots in biblical soil. While simultaneously minimizing the numbers of new believers who through no fault of their own are otherwise likely to end up being tumbleweed Christians.

Can I count on you to help me seize this remarkable opportunity?

Your partnership has made it possible for CRI to touch and transform countless hearts and minds at home and abroad. And I’m endlessly grateful for the difference you have made and continue to make in so many lives.

Together, we now have the opportunity, as we continue our “Going Global” initiative, to equip multitudes of believers in South Asia who urgently need the teaching you and I can provide. In the hope that you’ll do all you can today to join me in this potentially historic project, please click here for more information.

While very generous gifts will be needed from our ministry partners to sustain this project and bring it to full fruition, every gift matters in making these efforts possible. May God bless you richly for the tremendous multiplication of fruit your gift today can make possible in so many lives in South Asia!

…because Truth matters, Life matters more,


P.S. Because you rightly want your giving to be strategic and impactful, I think you and I would be hard pressed to find opportunities where your generosity will be more highly leveraged or more fruitful.

Just consider that it takes 700 times more money to see just one person come to Christ in nations like Switzerland than it does in Nepal, Myanmar, or other South Asian countries.

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