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Daily (M-F) wisdom from Hank on important doctrinal and apologetic issues. A weekly review of new audio, video, articles, and resources. A weekly summary of that month’s new Hank Unplugged,  Bible Answer Man, and Postmodern Realities podcasts.

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The Week in Review

A weekly review of some of our new releases in audio, video, articles, and resources. Also includes informational emails if you are new to CRI and our monthly resources.


Podcast Review

A weekly summary of new releases of the following podcasts on our website and other podcast services. 

  • Hank Unplugged—Follow Hank off the grid where he is joined by some of the brightest minds discussing topics you care about. Get equipped to be a cultural change agent.
  • Bible Answer Man Podcast—Daily (M-F) episodes for equipping you in defending life and truth to the fullest.
  • Postmodern Realities—Hosted by Melanie Cogdill, the managing editor of the CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL. Each podcast features in-depth conversations with our JOURNAL authors on a wide variety of topics covered in our print and online articles.
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