THE SON OF MAN- Introduction
In the last two Perspectives, we examined the question of whether or not Jesus said He was God. Is there hard evidence proving that Jesus claimed to be God?

THE SON OF MAN- Origin of the Title
Looking at the Bible, we find that Jesus referred to Himself as the Son of Man no less than 82 times. This title comes from Daniel 7, which speaks of a figure, Israel personified, who will rule over the nations of the earth for all time. In that passage, we read that the Son of Man “was given authority, glory and even sovereign power” — things that God alone, the One who said, “I will not give my glory to another” (Isa. 42:8; 48:11) — can hold and exercise.

THE SON OF MAN- The Son of Man will be worshipped
Furthermore, we find that “all peoples, and all nations and men of every language will worship” the Son of Man, which would only make sense if the Son of Man is none other than God Himself. God sternly forbids the worship of anyone or anything other than Himself. We can thereby conclude that Jesus, in calling Himself the Son of Man, was indeed claiming to be God.

THE SON OF MAN- God’s Infinite Knowledge
Jesus reinforces this conclusion each time He claims to be unique, the Son of God, the only One Who knows God the Father. Consider this: if God’s depth of knowledge and understanding is infinite, Who but God alone can fully grasp it? Yet Jesus says He knows.

THE SON OF MAN- Blasphemy or Truth?
The Jews tried to stone Him because in “calling God His own Father, Jesus was making Himself equal with God” (John 5:18). To this charge, Jesus merely replied that “All are to honor the Son just as they honor the Father.” In other words, Jesus claimed the honor due Him is equivalent to the honor due God.  Such a statement is sheer blasphemy unless Jesus was, in fact, God.

THE SON OF MAN- Conclusion
We’ve only scratched the surface in this segment, so I want you to be sure and tune in to the next two Perspectives — we will continue to explore how Jesus claimed that He was, in fact, God. That’s the CRI Perspective. I’m Hank Hanegraaff.