Cults, is there an effective way of sharing Christ with cultists? What are some do’s and don’ts on witnessing to the cults?

WITNESSING TO CULTS- No Canned Approaches
In dealing with cult members, we need to be aware that there’s no “canned” approach to witnessing which applies to any and all circumstances. We must also realize that witnessing to cultists demands commitment and of course dedication. You see, first, we must develop our knowledge and understanding of biblical doctrine. And second, we must become familiar with the cult or cults confronting us.

We should never see witnessing as a chance to “show off” our intellectual acumen or for that matter, our biblical knowledge. Rather, we should view it as an opportunity to lead someone to faith in Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit — and there is nothing as exciting as that. Thus, our approach should be Christ-centered. We can point to the cult’s internal inconsistencies with the Bible, but the discussion has to culminate in determining who Christ really is and what must be done to be saved. And remember, defining terms is extremely important as well because the cultist has an unbiblical concept of both Christ and salvation.

Most importantly, before every single encounter, we need to spend adequate time in prayer. And remember during the encounter to just be yourself. Sincerity is important and believe me your attitude will clearly reflect on your actions. Also, while we should clearly reject the false teachings of the cults, we need to be gracious toward the people who are caught in their web of deceit. Get them to think about their beliefs, and try to discover their individual needs. Be prepared to diffuse hostile reactions and attempts to change the topic of discussion, both of which, by the way, show that you’re touching delicate areas of their lives. Be sure to respond firmly but sensitively, pointing out that your comments are aimed not at the person, but at the organization or teaching which enslaves them.On witnessing to the cults, that’s the CRI Perspective. I’m Hank Hanegraaff.