LITTLE GODS- Introduction
“Word-faith” or “positive confession” teachers often make the claim that we are “little gods.” Are we?

LITTLE GODS- Scripture Twisting
If pressed about their “little gods” doctrine, positive confession teachers would probably respond by saying that they are only repeating what the Bible says. We should therefore turn our attention in that direction, and look at some passages that are frequently cited by these men.

LITTLE GODS- Psalm 82:6
There’s no doubt that the Bible declares that there’s only one God, who is unique and distinct from the world He created. Yet, there are passages like Psalm 82:6 which refer to men as gods. What are we to make of this? One common interpretation is that the term “gods” in this passage is used in a figurative sense to refer to Israelite judges, who were called “gods” by virtue of their position as judges, representing God. Therefore, this passage cannot be taken to mean that men are gods in the literal sense. Furthermore, it would only be relevant for judges of Israel, and no other persons.

LITTLE GODS- “Sons of God”
Positive confession teachers also argue that since believers are called the sons of god and because like begets like, we must somehow have the same nature as God. Two points need to be made here. First, as Rom. 8:23 clearly reveals, we do not share God’s nature, since Christians are simply “adopted” — and not “natural” — sons of God. Second, when speaking about the sonship of believers the New Testament is referring to the fact that Christians have entered into a relationship with God as their Father: Christian conversion, then, involves being renewed into the moral likeness of God, rather than being transformed into a god. This is precisely the meaning behind 2 Peter 1:4, which speaks of believers partaking of the divine nature (cf. verses 5-11).

LITTLE GODS- Conclusion
While a lot more can and will be said on this subject, I believe it’s clear that the usage of the term “little gods” is unbiblical and should therefore be avoided. On the “little gods” doctrine, that’s the CRI Perspective. I’m Hank Hanegraaff.