Some Christians believe the New Age movement has a conspiratorial agenda in which the world will be overtaken by means of a ruler who will actually be the Antichrist. But is the New Age movement really a conspiracy?

There is no doubt that the New Age movement is a network that links a number of different individuals and groups who are all working toward a common agenda. They are looking for a New Age of harmony in which all mankind will become one.

Some Christians have interpreted this network to be a secret conspiracy that will introduce the Antichrist. Constance Cumbey believes that all New Agers are following a detailed agenda called “The Plan,” first introduced by Alice Baily during the 1930s. The Anti-Christ, it is said, will be “Lord Maitreya” whose followers will initiate all humans to receive the mark of the Beast.

A NEW AGE CONSPIRACY?- No Common Leaderships
But such a New Age conspiracy is highly unlikely. Just because certain groups have common goals does not mean that they all have the same strategy for achieving those goals. The New Age network is decentralized and flexible, having no common leader. Despite their common agenda, New Agers disagree on many issues. For example, just because certain New Agers believe in Lord Maitreya does not mean all New Agers believe in him. Marilyn Ferguson, a New Age leader, says belief in Lord Maitreya is an absurdity. Many New Agers are looking for a “Cosmic Christ”, not a literal human “deity” like Lord Maitreya.

A NEW AGE CONSPIRACY?- Focus on Priorities
Christians should not waist their time speculating about New Age conspiracies. Instead, they should witness to those who are involved in the New Age. If there must be a conspiracy, let it be Christians uniting together to reach the New Age movement in love. Let us, therefore, strive to make Christian disciples of all nations, and work to extend God’s kingdom (Matt. 28:18-20). On the New Age Conspiracy theory, that’s the CRI Perspective. I’m Hank Hanegraaff.