Those who are pro-abortion or, as they prefer to be called, “pro-choice,” argue that the pro-life position on abortion is unfair. Is it really?

THE PRO-LIFE ARGUMENT- Unfair Advantage to the Rich
Pro-abortionists argue that if abortion were made illegal, it would become available only to the rich and not to the poor. The poor would become burdened with children they cannot afford to raise. Teenage girls who get pregnant would be forced to endure the emotional and physical ordeals of pregnancy and child-rearing even if they are not ready for them. Forcing women to bear children under these conditions, we are told, would simply be unfair to the women, and also to the children who would have to endure such poverty and unwantedness.

THE PRO-LIFE ARGUMENT- A Very Important Assumption
These arguments all make one very important assumption: that the unborn are not human beings. Should we allow parents who are too poor to take care of their children the right to kill them? If a teenage mother decides six months after giving birth that she doesn’t want her baby any more, should she be allowed to kill it? Of course not! But then, neither should parents of children who have not yet been born have the right to kill them. Thus the issue is not whether abortion is unfair, but whether the unborn are really human beings.

These arguments also overlook certain facts. For one thing, except in the case of women who are raped or who are victims of incest, no woman is “forced” to become pregnant or to give birth. And these hard cases account for only a small fraction of the abortions performed. Secondly, in the vast majority of cases adoption is still a very viable alternative to abortion. Children born to homeless mothers, to drug addicts, or to teenage mothers can be adopted into good homes with mature parents.

THE PRO-LIFE ARGUMENT- Abortion Unfair to the Unborn
Making abortion a crime would not be unfair to anyone. However, abortion is deadly unfair to the unborn. In fact, we need to recognize one more time what an incredible privilege it is to have children — and to recognize that God, indeed, opens and closes the womb.On abortion and fairness, that’s the CRI Perspective. I’m Hank Hanegraaff.