THE SWOON THEORY- Introduction
Well, you’d expect skeptics of Christianity to deny the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. What really blows my mind is that some of them also have the temerity to deny that Jesus actually died on the cross. No death, therefore no resurrection.

The theory that Jesus did not actually die on the cross is commonly called the “swoon” theory. It’s been resuscitated over and over ad nauseam, ad infinitum. Of course this is the idea that Jesus passed out on the cross and was later revived. The chief evidence cited in support of this theory is the fact that the Gospels admit that Jesus was on the cross for only a relatively short period of time.

This argument attributes incompetence or even stupidity to quite a few people. The Romans, for example, failed to make sure that Jesus Christ actually died; the Romans and Jews both failed to discover the deception. And the disciples were stupid enough to believe that Jesus had raised Himself from the dead.In addition, if this theory were true, it is rather unique and strange that the Gospel writers admit to the short period of time that Jesus hung on the cross because this was obviously an embarrassment to them. It is especially odd that Mark would draw attention to Pilate’s surprise at hearing that Jesus Christ was already dead (Mark 15:44).

Now, virtually all biblical scholars recognize the “swoon theory” argument is hopelessly flawed. What is surprising is that it keeps being brought up over and over again. Can you imagine that Jesus endured six trials, a crown of thorns, a Roman scourge, crucifixion, the spear in the side, loss of blood, 3 days without medical attention, and then overcame an armed guard, walked on pierced feet — and he somehow or other convinced his disciples that he conquered death and the grave — and that he was, in fact, the Prince of Life. That he then lived out his life in obscurity and died of natural causes?My friend, if you can believe this, the resurrection should pose no problem for you whatsoever. The “swoon theory” is ridiculous in the extreme and yet some people hang their hats on it.On the “swoon theory,” that’s the CRI Perspective. I’m Hank Hanegraaff.