With the New Age movement fast becoming part of the mainstream of our culture and of our everday lives, now, more than ever, Christians must prepare themselves to respond effectively to its world-view. What is the most effective way to impact New Agers? Whenever you witness to a New Ager you need to remember that you are engaged in spiritual warfare — not with the New Ager, but with Satan. So pray for God’s guidance and ask God to grant spiritual understanding to the person with whom you are speaking.It is also crucial to remember that intuition and experience play key roles in how New Agers test truth claims. With this in mind, you can utilize their subjective tendencies by sharing with New Agers the fact that true and lasting spiritual fulfillment can only be experienced subjectively through a personal relationship with the God of the Bible.Also, recognize that New Agers use many words from the Bible, but redefine them with New Age meanings. So it is critical that you define your terminology.New Agers also place great weight on a holistic view of the world. They look at the universe not as a mere collection of disjointed particles in motion, but as an integrated whole operating in unison. Therefore, using specific examples from Scripture can be very impactful. You might, for example, want to show how Adam’s sin had a global impact. In this way, you can show that Christianity shares their holistic outlook, and yet explicitly distinguishes God the Creator from His creation.Demonstrate, furthermore, that Christianity actually takes a much more holistic viewpoint than the New Age philosophy really does because it offers both subjective and objective evidence for its claims. This, of course, lies in stark contrast to the New Age movement, which offers no objective basis for its subjective truth claims.Finally, be prepared to point out inconsistencies of the New Age philosophy. Offer in its place the objective evidence of the Bible’s trustworthiness. Our goal at CRI is to offer you a host of resources to do just that and to equip you to be the most effective tool in the hands of the Holy Spirit in transforming New Agers, through the Light of the Gospel. On reaching out to New Agers, that’s the CRI Perspective. I’m Hank Hanegraaff.