Episode 077: Video Gaming, Kids & Addiction

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Episode 077: Video Gaming, Kids & Addiction

This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with JOURNAL author Dr. Kevin Schut. Kevin is Professor of Media and Communication and Associate Dean of the School of the Arts, Media and Culture at Trinity Western University, a Christian university in Canada. He teaches about media, culture, and technology from a faith-based perspective. His research focuses on video games and how they intersect with our culture and faith in a number of different ways. Dr. Schut is also the author of the book Of Games & God: A Christian Exploration of Video Games. He has also written on games and history, games and masculinity, games and religion, and games and story-telling. He enjoys playing strategy video games as well as playing adventure video games.

The conversation covers topics like: How is a particular video game constructed and why might the designers have constructed it that way? Are kids more impulsive after they play violent games? Is playing first person shooter video games morally wrong for Christians? The new video game phenomenon, Fortnite, is discussed. How parents can keep up on the latest video games to find out what they are about is also covered. In addition, there is a discussion about Christian parents can model screen behaviors to their kids and how families can determine appropriate uses of technology, gaming, and social media.

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