“If the battleground over abortion resembles a chess board, the new Netflix documentary Reversing Roe is an offensive bombardment on the pro-life movement’s front lines. The problem is that the film talks around abortion without ever really talking about it at all.

Its release is eerily timely — its conclusion set the stage for the dramatic showdown over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. And its method is strikingly similar to coverage of the Kavanaugh debacle — a postmodern feelings-led approach that runs roughshod over the ins and outs of valid arguments.

The documentary juxtaposes a brief history of abortion rights with recent efforts several states have made since Roe’s inception to limit access to abortion. From the pre-Roe era of illegal abortions — whether ‘therapeutic’ and performed in hospital settings or done with coat hanger segments in hidden rooms — to President Trump’s inauguration and nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, Reversing Roe spells out the purported dangers of eliminating abortion as a constitutional right for women.”

This Postmodern Realities podcast episode is a conversation with JOURNAL  author Megan Almon about her online review article “Reversing Reason.”

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