“Generation Z — the 70 million kids born between 1999 and 2015 — is another testament to our culture’s alarming slide into secularism. This emerging generation is twice as likely as adults to be atheists, they’re twice as likely to identify as LGBT, they’re committed moral relativists, and only one in eleven can be considered an ‘engaged Christian.’ Couple this with the fact that many sectors of American culture no longer are friendly to Christianity — not merely neutral but hostile to Christian ideas and values. Clearly, Gen Z is a post-Christian generation, and the church has a major uphill battle on its hands.

It’s time for Christian parents and leaders to wake up! Our families and churches are hemorrhaging students. We all know numerous students who spent the first eighteen years of their lives growing up in Christian homes and in the church but who have now walked away. So isn’t it time to consider that much of what we’ve been doing to disciple our kids for last twenty to thirty years is not working? We need some major paradigm shifts in discipleship. Apologetic and worldview training for our students is no longer optional; rather, it’s essential to their discipleship under Jesus in the twenty-first century.”

This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with JOURNAL author Brett Kunkle about his Volume 41 # 4 feature article, “A Practical Guide to Teaching Students Apologetics.” To read his article please subscribe to the JOURNAL.

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