There has been a great push to legalize the use of medical marijuana. Although it has been effective in treating some illnesses, the progression of medical marijuana has also greatly increased the access and social acceptance of this drug. I do not believe that the medical benefits of smoking marijuana outweigh the risk for at least four reasons. The first reason is the impact that acceptance of medical marijuana has on our culture. Medical marijuana has negative social affects because it greatly increases the number of individuals using the drug. Second, the biblical prohibition against intoxication applies to almost everyone who smokes marijuana. Third, although the physical health dangers have been overstated in the past, there are physical and psychological dangers involved with smoking marijuana. Lastly, and most importantly, there are spiritual dangers in smoking marijuana. Marijuana is used to enhance our earthly experience to feel enlightened, tapping our inner energy, and to feel one with the universe. These are consistent with the objectives of Eastern religious thought, and are antithetical to the message of Jesus Christ. We find greater meaning and peace not through the introduction of a psychoactive chemical to our brains, but through the person and work of our Savior.

This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with Journal author and editor  Elliot Miller about Christians and Marijuana—Is Medical Marijuana OK? What about Voting for Marijuana Ballot Initiatives?

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