“The notion that there is a mysterious resonance between the structure of the material world, the abstract world of mathematics, and the human mind — what can be called Cosmic Resonance — not only has major implications for the contemporary debate between materialism and theism but also is rooted in some of the earliest thought of the Western tradition. This episode is a discussion of the rich intellectual pedigree of Cosmic Resonance and how well this great idea endured, and indeed flourished, through periods of major scientific advancement. Cosmic Resonance effectively dispels the myth that progress in the sciences has been driven by materialism and has undercut the case for design.”

This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with Journal author Melissa Cain Travis about her feature article in Volume 41 #1. Her article is called “A Grand Cosmic Resonance: How the Structure and Comprehensibility of the Universe Reveal a Mindful Maker.” 

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