Watching a respected Christian walk away from his or her Christian faith (the theological term is “apostatize”) can be deeply disorienting. It leads us to ask all sorts of questions: What argument against Christianity did they find so persuasive, and would I be persuaded by that same argument? What happened to them to make them exchange the Christian worldview for one so radically different? If they were formerly a well-known Christian writer, musician, pastor, or leader, what does their deconversion mean for the things we’ve learned from them? Was he or she even a Christian to begin with? This disorientation and the subsequent questions that arise are natural expressions of the sense of loss that we feel when a Christian who we respect and have learned from has seemingly failed us.

This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with Journal author Kyle Keating about his Christian Research Journal online-exclusive feature article “Am I Just Not Chosen? The Disorientation of Deconversion.”

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