Those familiar with the street-preaching type of “Hebrew Israelites” have usually seen their 12 Tribes of Israel Chart. “Hebrew Israelites” are usually black, Hispanic, and Native Americans who claim they are the true biological descendants of Jacob from their paternal line. 

 “Hebrew Israelites” of the street proselytizing variety usually trace their theological roots back to a small, New York City-based school, initially called the Israelite School of Torah. The school, launched in 1969, was at one time located at 1 West 125th Street in Harlem. Christian urban apologists have dubbed adherents to this vein of Hebrew Israelism as “1Westers”.

The 1West “camps” (rough equivalent to denominations) have many theological distinctives. One is the aforementioned 12 Tribes Chart, and another is their 18 Nations Chart. 1West “Hebrew Israelites” often carry a laminated poster of this “breakdown” (their word for an interpretation) with them as they proclaim their message in city centers across the United States and abroad. This 18 Nations Chart features a total of 17 non-elect nations considered to be Gentile heathens who cannot be redeemed based on their ethnicity.

This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with Journal author Vocab Malone about his online-exclusive feature article “Why Do 1West “Hebrew Israelites” Call Whites “ Edomites” And Chinese “Moabites” ? Coming Soon!  Check back here or article archive page. .

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