The stereotype of old people as crusty, cantankerous complainers who have nothing better to do than remind young whippersnappers of how much better things used to be, tends to be supported by experiences we have with many of the elderly we meet. So it’s surprising when an old man or woman who does not fit this stereotype. As we age, how can we can be the kind of people who bear the burdens of old age well and continue to be productive people well into his or her later years? Cicero’s On Old Age is a short book with reflections on old age are not flashy or exciting and may strike some as boring (similar, ironically and sadly, to the way some find reflections of the elderly generally boring). But those reflections are hard to discount, for their overall advice seems rather commonsensical, needing little defense. This episode is a conversation with Stephen Mizell about Cicero’s work On Old Age.

This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with Journal author Stephen Mizell about his online-exclusive article “On Being an Old Apologist: Reflections on Cicero’s On Old Age”. 

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