More than 85 million people in the U.S. are avid watchers of the Hallmark Channel’s Christmas films. Complete with its own mobile App, Hallmark Christmas film fans can partake year-round in the romantic, true-love plots. Not just on the Hallmark Channel, but other on-demand viewing channels like Netflix have also gotten into the Christmas film game. All the films have the same plot, the same kiss, the same quaint small town, the same fake snow falling gently onto the shiny hair of the protagonist, the same easy “trouble” resolved in less than one scene, the cookie baking that magically cleans itself up, and the dead mother that the child remembers with fondness rather than gut-wrenching grief. What is a Christian to make of this phenomenon? And, more pressingly, should Christians themselves indulge in the occasional Hallmark movie or even a Hallmark Christmas movie binge?

This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with Journal author Anne Kennedy about here viewpoint article, “Am I a Bad Christian for Watching Hallmark Christmas Movies?”. 

Viewpoint articles address relevant contemporary issues in discernment and apologetics from a particular perspective that is usually not shared by all Christians, with the intended result that Christians’ thinking on that issue will be stimulated and enhanced (whether or not people end up agreeing with the author’s opinion).

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