A 2015 Pew study found that 25 percent of those identifying as Christians believe in reincarnation. For some, the idea of reincarnation offers comfort and guidance. And many times, the pop-culture view of reincarnation, while popular in American circles, does not fit the Hindu and Buddhist religions where the doctrine originated. According to these religions, you do not choose your next lifetime. Karma determines it. That is, the combination of your good and bad actions produces good or bad results (or karma) in this and every lifetime—until you escape the cycle and dissolve into nirvana. Any religious belief may be held on the basis of blind faith, irrespective of any evidence or reasons for that belief. Such beliefs are often called dogmas (although that is not what the word originally meant). Is it mere dogma to oppose karma? Is reincarnation compatible with Christian teaching?

This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with Journal author Dr. Doug Groothuis about his online-exclusive article, “The Reincarnation of Reincarnation”. Also discussed Dr. Groothuis online-exclusive article “Channeling: Revelations Of Deception” .