Marxism, rebranded as socialism or democratic socialism today, is making a comeback. And now the makeover is complete. But Karl Marx’s theory suffers the same malady as every materialistic theory: it contradicts the existence of the theorist. How should Christians apply a Christian ethic and world view to civic government? If Christians agree that the government cannot save people or fundamentally change human hearts, how is this an apologetic issue and not a political one? Topics covered in this episode include: Why does it matter that Christians need to have a biblical world view about government? How is socialism defined today? Social scientists say that the meaning of the word socialism can mean different things to different groups. For some it refers to FDR’s vision and his new deal programs in the USA in the 1930s for recovery from the Great Depression vs. socialism as practiced in the Soviet Union in the 20th century or today in Venezuela or North Korea. Is this only a semantical difference? Why have Marx’s views enjoyed a popular renaissance in American culture? What about the word “capitalism”? Where did it come from? Was the early church in Jerusalem communist or socialist?

This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with Journal author Jay Richards about his article from 41:2, “History’s Bloody Mess: Why Marxism (and Socialism) Always Fails”. 

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