The New Age Movement has made a resurgence in 2020. Particularly popular for those claiming to be spiritual and not religious, we cannot write off New Age spirituality as something of the past. It is in the here and now, and even Christians are enticed by it. Teal Swan is popular among those in the social media generation who are seeking spiritual enlightenment.

Swan claims to have endured horrific sexual abuse at the hands of a satanic cult as a child and she uses her platform to help others overcome their own personal trauma. Recently, Swan was immersed in controversy, not only because she has no expertise in trauma other than her own experiences, but also because two of her followers reportedly committed suicide after listening to her lessons about suicide as a safety net. Swan’s popularity doesn’t seem to be waning, though. She has more than 675,000 YouTube subscribers and almost as many Facebook followers. She’s also the author of five books about self-healing and rediscovery.

Ultimately, according to Swan, our hope is not found in Christ, but within ourselves.

This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with Journal author Lindsey Medenwaldt  about her online-exclusive article, “Controversial Guru Teal Swan and Astrologer Chani Nicholas Bring New Age Teachings to the Social Media Generation​.” 

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