In Dr. Clay Jones’s new book, Immortal: How the Fear of Death Drives Us and What We Can Do About It (Harvest House, 2020), he writes about how all people cope with the fear of their own death. In the fourth chapter of Immortal, Jones examines what he calls atheist “mortality mitigation projects.” By that, he means the ways that atheists try to turn death into something good or, at least, not so bad. This episode’s conversation examines a mortality mitigation project that has seen quite a revival of late in atheist circles—“death is nothing to us.” It is a mortality mitigating strategy that one tells oneself that death is no big deal. In fact, death is nothing. But death is indeed something.

This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with Journal author Clay Jones about his online-exclusive article, “Epicurus, Sam Harris, and Bart Ehrman Are Wrong: Death Is Something” 

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