It is almost impossible to spend any time on social media, to read any legacy media source, or opinion piece, or have a conversation with someone in real life and not come around to the question of cancelling.  To be successfully cancelled, then, is to lose not only the right to participate in public discourse using social media, but to lose income, reputation, and in some cases real life friendships and community. Cancelling is an ancient and very human activity—the act of publicly shaming and then shunning someone so that others will be warned and adjust their own behavior accordingly. Cancel Culture is a mightier force, however, in that it marries the tried and true practice of shunning to the unprecedented power of Social Media. This is a conversation about cancel culture and if Christians should participate in it.

This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with Journal author Anne Kennedy about her online-exclusive “Cancel Culture and the Gospel: Where Can You Go When The Whole World Is Against You?”.
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