The best sports stories are the ones that are not really about the sport itself at all. The sporting, or coaching, or athleticism should play a supporting role to whatever else is happening in the story — so much so that the particular sport could be swapped out for practically any other related discipline, and the heart of the story would remain the same. This is the case with the Apple TV+ sitcom series Ted Lasso. On one level, it is a heartwarming comedy about Premier League Football, but on another level, it is a celebration of the life and work of a coach who embodies true kindness, love, joy, and patience amidst many storms—both serious and humorous. Ted Lasso celebrates elements of the fruit of the Spirit which is surprising for a TV-MA original streaming sports comedy that aired in the year 2020. But in a time when—in the eyes of so many—winning has become the ultimate morality, and the struggle to gain and maintain power has turned otherwise objective standards of goodness into subjective opinion, we all need more of what Ted Lasso is dishing out.

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