Agelessness appeals in a culture which will do anything to disguise or deny the fact that we’re all, minute by minute, day by day, getting older. Agelessness appeals in a culture in which the elderly are often mocked and marginalized. And yet, as Christians, we must ask, is agelessness really God’s plan for us? To answer that question, we must recapture a biblical theology of aging. As we explore what the Bible says about aging, we discover that God has written purpose and meaning into the life of the aged. When we embrace aging with the confidence that Christian immortality awaits us, we discover rich opportunities in aging. Aging may indeed become the age of opportunity, the opportunity first, to grow closer to Christ through suffering and weakness; second, to blossom with the fruit of a rich humility and a persevering patience; third, to live our calling as disciples in new ways; fourth, to prepare to die with the hope of a resurrection body; and finally, to leave a legacy that draws others to glorify and enjoy God. As we ourselves age and as we care for aging loved ones, we must embrace the biblical hope for aging. 

This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with Journal author Elizabeth Turnage about her article, “The Age of Opportunity: How the Bible Gives Hope for Aging” in the 45: 1/2 edition of the Christian Research Journal.

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