For any given company, there is an array of corporate customers including suppliers, distributors, corporate buyers, contractual partners, investment firms like Blackrock and Vanguard, lobbying groups like Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC), and any number of industrial, commercial, legal, or governmental cogs in the machine of big business. Companies have to satisfy all these customers if they hope to stay in business. And the bigger the company, the more of these customers they have to satisfy. And the more they stand to lose if, for example, HRC gives them a bad diversity score on the “corporate equality index. From the standpoint of employers (bosses/owners), diversity training represents a concession to powerful forces injecting progressive (leftist) politics into the workplace. From the standpoint of average employees, diversity training is ideological arm-twisting — comply or else.

Listen to the entire in-depth conversation with John Ferrer here:  This is an in-depth conversation with JOURNAL author John Ferrer about his article, ““HOW TO KEEP YOUR JOB WITHOUT LOSING YOUR SOUL: A SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR DIVERSITY TRAINING” which is only available to read when you partner with CRI here