Is “Animal Rights” a Biblical Concern?

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Volume: 37
Issue: 02
Year: 2014

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Topics covered in this issue of the CRJ include:

  • Thy (Animal) Kingdom Come, Our Will Be Done: Animal Rights Theology in the Twenty-First Century
  • Is “Animal Rights” a Biblical Concern? A Christian Response to the Modern Animal Rights Movement
  • Afterword: PETA or Just PET? Precepts for Human Exceptionalism and the Ethical Treatment of Animals
  • Film as Pre-Apologetics: How Noah Raises Questions Only Christianity Can Answer
  • Joyce Meyer in the Twenty-First Century
  • Hagee’s “Magic Apologetics”
  • The Christian Apologist’s Moral Compass
  • Rethinking Parenthood: Biblical Foundations of the Family
  • And More

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