Charts of Christian Theology and Doctrine

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Provides a visual overview of the major subjects within the discipline of theology as well as various perspectives on doctrines.

Packed with teaching and learning tools—from charts and timelines, to tables and visual guides—Charts of Christian Theology and Doctrine will help any student of theology quickly grasp and remember the basics. Notable topics include:

  • Distinctive traits of theological systems.
  • A guide to interpretation of biblical texts.
  • Classic arguments for the existence of God.
  • Charts on Christology (the study of Christ) and Pneumatology (the study of the Holy Spirit).
  • Views of salvation and other charts on soteriology.
  • Charts concerning ecclesiology, including guides to understanding the differing views on sacraments and church office.
  • Key terms to the second coming of Christ.

Perfect for enhancing every type of teaching and learning situation and style, including homeschooling curricula and tutoring, church classes and Sunday school.


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