The Culturally Savvy Christian

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The early Church apologist Tertullian asked the famous question, “What has Athens to do with Jerusalem?” In other words, what does secular culture have to do with Christian culture? Cultural commentator and radio personality Staub poses a variation on this query for the 21st century: how will Christian culture influence popular culture? Staub’s short answer is that Christians should not “Cocoon,” “Combat,” or “Conform” in relation to popular culture, but transform it by first understanding it.

Staub has an extensive knowledge of popular culture and quotes rock songs, movies and other mainstream media in a style that is not forced or clumsy. His model of what a culturally savvy Christian should be is C.S. Lewis, who “enriched culture by countering culture, communicating within it, and also creating it.” Lewis, according to Staub, was able to transform the written word because first and foremost, he was a good Christian.

His work emerged from a solid faith in God, which Staub believes should be the goal of all Christians. Staub’s analysis of popular culture can be simplistic at times, but his passion and talent as a writer make this an enjoyable read for Christians who struggle with how to be faithful in a secular world.

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