Dante’s Inferno: Explains Hell to Modern Seekers

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Topics covered in this issue of the CRJ include:

  • How Dante’s Inferno Can Help Explain Hell to Modern Seekers
  • God the Author: The Christian Imagination and the Problem of Horrendous Evil
  • What’s Pain Got to Do with It? Why Arguments over Fetal Pain Capability Ultimately Miss the Mark in the Abortion Debate
  • John Chrysostom: The Golden-Mouth Preacher
  • Did the Universe Really Have a Beginning?
  • Christian Apologetics in a Nutshell
  • More Than Mere Machine: The Indomitable Human Spirit of Philip K. Dick
  • John of Damascus and His Defense of Icons
  • The Golden Rule: Evidence for Christianity over Competing Worldviews and Religions
  • Christianity and the Origins of Hospitals and Modern Medicine
  • What Is the Central Mystery of the Church?
  • Changing Consumption in the Internet Age
  • Apologetics as Spiritual Formation