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The End of Woman: How Smashing the Patriarchy Has Destroyed Us

Minimum For This Selection: $ 20.00

Domestic Extremist: A Practical Guide to Winning the Culture War

Minimum For This Selection: $ 30.00

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The First Christmas Package

The Heart of Christmas: A Devotional for the Season

The War on Western Civilization:

Everything You Need to Know about the Cult of Wokeism

Special Double (80 pages) Final Print Issue of the Christian Research Journal

The Jesus We Missed: The Surprising Truth About the Humanity of Christ

Scripture and Tradition: What the Bible Really Says

Minimum For This Selection: $ 25.00

C.S. Lewis Onstage—The Most Reluctant Convert (DVD) with Max McLean

Resource Descriptions:

The End of Woman: How Smashing the Patriarchy Has Destroyed Us

by Carrie Gress

Feminism doesn’t empower women. It erases them. Fifty years of radical feminism have solidified the primacy of the traditionally male sphere of life and devalued the attributes, virtues, and strengths of women. We can’t even define “woman.” Carrie Gress—a wife, mother, and philosopher—punctures the myth of feminism, exposing its legacy of abuse, abandonment, and anarchy. From the serpent’s seduction of Eve to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to Kate Millett’s lust, violence, and insanity to Meghan Markle’s havoc-ridden rise to royalty, Grass presents a history as intriguing as the characters who lived it. Only a rediscovery of true womanhood—and motherhood—can pull our society back from the brink.

The First Christmas Package

by Paul L. Maier

Includes: The First Christmas: The True and Unfamiliar Story and The Very First Christmas

The First Christmas is beautifully illustrated with over fifty full-color photographs, paintings, and illustrations. Events surrounding the birth of Jesus have often been obscured by myths, mistletoe, and tinsel. Delving into Jewish, Greek, Roman, and early Christian sources, historian Paul L. Maier separates fact from fiction.

Many children’s Christmas books are long on fancy and short on fact. Most of them ignore the themes of the first Christmas and opt instead for fairy tale settings or winter tableaus. The Very First Christmas fills the gap by presenting fresh insights into the Christmas story from both the Scriptural and secular context. Gold Medallion Book Award winner.

The War on Western Civilization:

Everything You Need to Know about the Cult of Wokeism

Special Double (80 pages) Final Print Issue of the Christian Research Journal

Articles include “The Woke Revolution” by Hank Hanegraaff; “Gender Ideology’s Attack on Our Humanity” by Jay W. Richards; “Three Dogmas of Wokeism: The Path to Authoritarianism” by Noelle Mering; “Critical Race Theory: An Introduction and Critique” by Douglas Groothuis; “How to Keep Your Job without Losing Your Soul: A Survival Guide for Diversity Training” by John Ferrer; “Christian Parenting and the Peril of Public School Education” by Matthew M. Kennedy, and more!


Scripture and Tradition: What the Bible Really Says

by Edith Humphrey

In some of the church’s history, Scripture has been pitted against tradition and vice versa. Prominent New Testament scholar Edith Humphrey, who understands the issue from both Protestant and Catholic/Orthodox perspectives, revisits this perennial point of tension. She demonstrates that the Bible itself reveals the importance of tradition, exploring how the Gospels, Acts, and the Epistles show that Scripture and tradition are not in opposition but are necessarily and inextricably intertwined.

​​Domestic Extremist: A Practical Guide to Winning the Culture War

by Peachy Keenan

Spot-on, often satirical, always insightful, contributing editor of The American Mind and mother of a brood, Peachy Keenan argues that the only way we can save our families, ourselves, and the world—even California!—is by embracing our inner domestic extremists, and sweeping failed notions of third wave feminism and identity politics nonsense into the garbage can of history. For decades, we stood around and watched as feminists and progressives steamrolled through our institutions—those formerly robust, now comically inept, pillars of civilization like our government, our schools, and, crucially, our families. This raucous new book is a rallying cry for normal people stuck in the foxholes and appalled by the status quo.

The Heart of Christmas: A Devotional for the Season

by Hank Hanegraaff


As you prepare your home for Christmas, prepare your heart as well. Through historical revelations and inspirational insights into the Person of Jesus Christ, Hank Hanegraaff leads you on a truth-filled journey to the very heart of Christmas. Based on the acronym C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S, topics include Christ, History, Resurrection, Incarnation, Santa Claus, Traditions, Miracles, Advent, and Salvation. Hank also offers Scripture, carols, and reflection questions to guide your journey through the 25 days leading up to the celebration of Christ’s birth.

This Christmas classic is great to share with your grown children and grandchildren, coworkers, and neighbors. Get your copies now to give out at Thanksgiving to start the devotional journey on December 1. 

Person of Interest: Why Jesus Still Matters in a World that Rejects the Bible
by J. Warner Wallace

Can the truth about Jesus be uncovered — even without a body or a crime scene? Join cold-case detective and bestselling author J. Warner Wallace as he investigates Jesus using an innovative and unique approach he employs to solve real missing person murder cases. Wallace carefully sifts through the evidence from history alone, without relying on the New Testament. You’ll understand like never before how Jesus, the most significant person in history, changed the world.

C.S. Lewis Onstage—The Most Reluctant Convert (DVD) with Max McLean

Using C.S. Lewis’s own words, award-winning actor Max McLean inhabits Lewis to take us on his rigorous journey from hard-boiled atheist to “the most reluctant convert in all England.” Via his tumultuous youth, harrowing service in WWI, and professorship at Oxford University, discover how the “Hound of Heaven” pursued Lewis relentlessly until he finally “gave in”—only to become the most influential Christian writer of the 20th century. Filmed before a live audience.