The Very First Christmas-Softcover

Author: Paul Maier
Publisher: Concordia Publishers
Softcover Book
Audience: Children or Kids

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Author and historian Paul Maier aims to “return the Christmas focus where it belongs”–on the story and spirit surrounding Jesus’ birth. Thus, The Very First Christmas doesn’t follow the prescribed children’s Christmas-book themes–with fairy-tale winter settings in quaint, old European towns. Maier instead sets the story in the American West, where a curious 8-year-old boy named Christopher wants a “real” bedtime story. His mother then tells him the miraculous story of the Nativity. This book is a wonderful gift for children, families and friends. “The Very First Christmas” examines the Nativity story as the origin of Christmas, viewing it in both scriptural and secular contexts. Highlights the historicity of the biblical account. Beautifully illustrated by Francisco Ordaz, this hardbound book is ideal for children ages 5 – 10.

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