Five Views on Sanctification

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Christians generally recognize the need to live a holy, or sanctified, life. But they differ on what sanctification is and how it is achieved.

How does one achieve sanctification in this life? How much success in sanctification is possible? Is a crisis experience following one’s conversion normal–or necessary? If so, what kind of experience, and how is it verified?

Five Views on Sanctification–part of the Counterpoints series–brings together in one easy-to-understand volume five major Protestant views on sanctification:

  • Wesleyan View – represented by Melvin E. Dieter
  • Reformed View – represented by Anthony A. Hoekema
  • Pentecostal View – represented by Stanley M. Horton
  • Keswick View – represented by J. Robertson McQuilkin
  • Augustinian-Dispensationalism View – represented by John F. Walvoord

Writing from a solid evangelical stance, each author describes and defends his own understanding of the doctrine sanctification and then responds to the views of the other authors.

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