Five Views on Sanctification

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250 pages

Author: Melvie Dieter, Anthony Hoekema, Stanley Horton
Paperback Book
Audience: General

Topic: Sanctification

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Christians generally recognize the necessity for the believer to live a holy, or sanctified, life. But they disagree on what sanctification is and how it can and should be achieved. This 250 page book brings together in one easy-to-understand volume five major Protestant views on sanctification. Each author describes and defends his own understanding of the doctrine. In addition, the contributors respond to each other’s views. Views presented include: The Wesleyan View, The Reformed View, The Pentecostal View, The Keswick View, and the Augustinian-Dispensational View. CRI offers this resource for those wishing to study “all sides” of this issue, but does not hold to all of the positions that are represented.

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