God’s Crime Scene/Cold Case Christianity/Forensic Faith

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Cold-case detective J. Warner Wallace explores the pieces of evidence and eyewitness testimony in God’s Crime Scene of the universe, Christian beliefs in Cold Case Christianity, and how to communicate these truths in Forensic Faith.


God’s Crime Scene

With the expertise of a cold-case detective, Wallace examines eight critical pieces of evidence in the "crimes scene" of the universe to determine if they point to a Divine Intruder. If readers have ever wondered whether something (or someone) outside the natural realm created the universe and everything in it, this is the case for them.

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Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels

Format: Softcover

Author:  J. Warner Wallace

Page Count: 288


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Forensic Faith: A Homicide Detective Makes the Case for a More Reasonable, Evidential Christian Faith

Format: Softcover

Author: J. Warner Wallace

Page Count: 224

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Cold-case detective J. Warner Wallace examines the pieces of evidence for a divinely created universe in God’s Crime Scene, explores Christian beliefs in Cold-Case Christianity, and explains how to communicate these truths in Forensic Faith.

Wallace is a cold case homicide detective, a missions leader, and a church planter. As a result of his work with cold cases, Wallace has been featured on numerous television programs including Dateline, FOX News and Court TV. Wallace’s visual presentations in the courtroom have revolutionized how capital offense trials are presented in Los Angeles County and across the country.A vocal atheist for many years, Wallace is now an apologist for Christianity  with a master’s degree in theology. He and his wife have four children and live in southern California.

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