Greatest Apologetic Issues Answered in Hank Hanegraaff’s Trilogy

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Has God Spoken? Hardcover

Format Hardcover
Number of Pages: 382
Author Hank Hanegraaff

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281 pages
Author: Hank Hanegraaff
Publisher: W Publishing Group
Paperback Book
Audience: General
Topics: Resurrection of Christ Evidence

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The F.A.C.E. That Demonstrates The Farce Of Evolution

Author: Hank Hanegraaff
Paperback Book
Audience: General

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Unlocking Messianic Prophecies

Volume: 34
Issue: 04
Year: 2011

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This package contains all three of Hank Hanegraaff’s books written to address the three greatest apologetics issues.

Package consists of:

  • Has God Spoken, hardcover, 382 pages
  • Resurrection, softcover, 282 pages
  • The FACE That Demonstrates the Farce of Evolution, softcover, 238 pages,
  • The issue of the Christian Research Journal containing Hank Hanegraaff’s article on Has God Spoken?

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