Is the Pope Infallible?

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Contents include

  • From the President: The Church: Pillar and Ground of Truth by Hank Hanegraaff
  • Sharing the Gospel with People from Broken Homes by Chara Donahue
  • Is the Pope Infallible? by Robert Spencer
  • How Unanswered Prayer Grows Faith, Hope, and Love by Elizabeth Reynolds Turnage
  • Christ and His Bride: Why Your Pastor’s Gender Matters  by Matthew M. Kennedy
  • African Traditional Religion, Black Lives Matter, and the Prosperity Gospel by Anne Kennedy
  • From Beauty to the Beatific Vision: Recovering the Argument from Beauty by Philip Tallon
  • Lessons in Salvation from Disenfranchised Grief by Nicole M. Roccas
  • What’s the Difference Between Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism? and What is Wrong with Purgatory?  by Hank Hanegraaff