Jesus According to Scripture

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Author: Darrell Bock
Publisher: Baker Books
Format: Softcover
Pages: 704
Audience: General

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In recent years, historians and biblical scholars have been in active pursuit of the Jesus of history. The Jesus Seminar and similar efforts to place Jesus within his historical context have relied heavily on extrabiblical documents, since many historians consider the Bible to be propagandistic and biased. Darrell Bock, however, believes that the Gospels’ account of Jesus deserves further examination. Bock argues that when read together, the Gospels provide a clear picture of Jesus and his unique claims to authority. To demonstrate this claim, he offers Jesus according to Scripture.

Jesus according to Scripture is an excellent textbook for courses on the life of Jesus at both the advanced college and seminary levels. Additionally, pastors, teachers, and all those interested in Jesus and the Gospels will enjoy this scholarly yet accessible book.

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