Jesus and the Land

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In Jesus and the Land, respected New Testament scholar Gary Burge describes first-century Jewish and Christian beliefs about the land of Israel in order to help contemporary readers develop a Christian theology of the land and assess Bible-based claims in discussions of the Israeli-Palestinian struggle. Burge provides a full survey of New Testament passages that directly address the question of land and faith and offers an honest and compelling presentation of present-day tensions surrounding “territorial religion” in the modern Middle East. This accessibly written volume will appeal to undergraduate and seminary students, pastors, teachers, and anyone interested in the Israeli-Palestinian situation.


Introduction: Land, Place, and Religion

  1. The Biblical Heritage
  2. Diaspora Judaism and the Land
  3. Jesus and the Land
  4. The Fourth Gospel and the Land
  5. The Book of Acts and the Land
  6. Paul and the Promises to Abraham
  7. Developments Beyond Paul
  8. Land, Theology, and the Church


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