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Volume: 35
Issue: 01
Year: 2012

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Topics covered in this issue of the CRJ include:

  • Ten Urgent Questions and Answers about Origins
  • Thinking Clearly about God and Evolution
  • Creation Accounts and Ancient Near Eastern Religions
  • Adam and Eve Redux
  • Why Natural Selection Cannot Explain the Origin of Animal Development
  • Unlocking the DNA Enigma
  • Theology and Science: Converging on Reality
  • Letting Science, Not Rhetoric, Drive the Debate over Intelligent Design
  • Junk DNA: Evidence for Evolution or Design?
  • Would Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life Spell Doom for Christianity?
  • Young Earth-Old Earth: Debating the Geological Evidence
  • Borderline Heretic: James Shapiro and His Twenty-First Century View of Evolution
  • And More

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