Premium: Secrets to Real Intimacy with God

Author: Hank Hanegraaff
Publisher: Christian Research Institute
Format: Softcover
Pages: 75
Audience: General

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When things begin to fall apart in our lives (and life is one series of challenges after another), we are often tempted to look for solutions in all the wrong places. The secrets to real intimacy with God are found in getting back to basics.

Life without truth can be dangerous, but truth without life is downright deadly. To know Christ involves more than knowing doctrine. To know Christ is to experience Him in inner, intimate, interactive communion. More than mere doctrinal knowledge, this knowing involves transformation. It involves not merely a changed life but an exchanged life. Christ is our substitute within.

This, of course, is not to denigrate doctrine. Indeed, correct doctrine forms the line of demarcation between the kingdom of Christ and the kingdom of the cults. Moreover, it is the foundation on which the gospel of Jesus Christ rests. From His deity to the eschatological certainty that He will appear a second time to judge the living and the dead, essential Christian doctrine is foundational to the gospel.

Life and doctrine are analogous to the parallel rails that support a locomotive-without both rails, the train simply cannot move forward. Likewise, we cannot persevere in our walk with God apart from life and doctrine.

Astonishingly, the same techniques used by non-Christian cult leaders are today employed in literally thousands of churches worldwide. In this classic book, Hank Hanegraaff exposes these manipulative techniques and reveals the dangers of striving after subjective spiritual experiences rather than seeking a biblical relationship with God. As Hank surveys contemporary revivalism, he unmasks the contradictions, spiritual deception, and seductive allure of esoteric experience masquerading as truth. Providing biblical remedies, Counterfeit Revival not only confronts a paradigm shift that threatens to tear apart the very fabric of contemporary Christianity but equips believers to distinguish a false revival from genuine movements of God.

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