The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask

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Number of Pages:300
Authors Mark Mittleberg

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2011 Retailers Choice Award winner!

Are there questions you dread being asked?
Maybe you dread asking them even of yourself. They’re the ones on subjects such as hell, homosexuality, or suffering. Through a national poll conducted by The Barna Group, Mark Mittelberg uncovered the questions Christians most fear being asked. Complete with discussion questions, Mark’s book will help you meet today’s hot-button issues head on.
Questions Covered include
How could a good God allow so much suffering?
“Why should I believe heaven and hell exist?”
“Why do you condemn homosexuals?”
“Why trust the Bible? It’s full of myths.”
“Why are Christians so judgmental?”
“Sure, Jesus was a good man. Why make him into the Son of God, too?”
“Didn’t evolution put God out of a job?”
“Why are Christians so obsessed with abortion?”
“What makes you so sure God even exists?”
“Christians are hypocrites—so why should I listen to you?”


This book is fantastic! I’m a Bible teacher, and even I fear being asked some of these questions. Yet Mark has provided solid answers to help us respond to the real questions people are asking. (Sean McDowell, coauthor of More Than a Carpenter )

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