The Art of Dying: Living Fully into the Life to Come

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How now shall we die?

Death will come to us all, but most of us live our lives as if death does not exist. People are living longer than ever, and medicine has made dying more complicated, more drawn out and more removed from the experience of most people. Death is partitioned off to hospital rooms, separated from our daily lives. Most of us find ourselves at a loss when death approaches. We don’t know how to die well.

Rob Moll recovers the deeply Christian practice of dying well. For centuries Christians have prepared for the “good death” with particular rituals and spiritual disciplines that have directed the actions of both the living and the dying. In this well-researched and pastorally sensitive book, Moll provides insight into death and dying issues with in-person reporting and interviews with hospice workers, doctors, nurses, bioethicists, family members and spiritual caregivers. He weighs in on bioethical and medical issues and gives guidance for those who care for the dying as well as for those who grieve.

This book is a gentle companion for all who face death, whether one’s own or that of a loved one. Christians can have confidence that because death is not the end, preparing to die helps us truly live.

Rob Moll (1977–2019) was an award-winning journalist and the author of The Art of Dying. He wrote extensively on health and health-care issues, investing and personal finance, religion, and rural America.

Beginning his career as a journalist in the suburbs of Chicago, Moll worked as a reporter and editor for the Grayslake Times and Citizen Media. He quickly added to his journalism roster by joining the staff of Christianity Today (CT), where for nearly sixteen years he served in various capacities as editor and writer. Over the course of his journalism career, he won awards from the Evangelical Press Association, and he also contributed op-eds to the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, The Hill, and Huffington Post.

Moll served as communications officer to the president for World Vision for five years, and in 2016 he began work with Eventide Asset Management as their director of business operations, leading the company’s communications efforts. He had also served as a hospice volunteer. He is survived by his wife, Clarissa, and their four young children.

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