The Complete Bible Answer Book: Collector’s Edition

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Binding: Leather Hardbound
Author: Hank Hanegraaff
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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Hank Hanegraaff has answered thousands of questions while hosting the Bible Answer Man radio broadcast. The Complete Bible Answer Book-Collector’s Edition offers answers to over 170 of the most common-and the most difficult-questions people ask. This beautiful leather-bound edition contains all of the questions and answers from The Bible Answer Book Volumes 1 and 2, plus all-new answers to some of today’s toughest questions.

From the Introduction:
Questions you will encounter in this volume run the gamut from common to complex. In the category of common, I answer such questions as, “Why do people end their prayers with ‘Amen’?” and “What is Zen Buddhism?” In the category of complex, I tackle questions such as, “How can Christians legitimize a God who orders the genocide of entire nations?” and “Should Christians support a ban on embryonic stem cell research?”

Perhaps the question I have been asked more than any other is “Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?” At first blush it may seem as though there are as many responses to this question as there are religions. In reality, however, you will discover that there are only three basic answers-and only Christian theism can answer the question satisfactorily!

Along with questions I answered in previous Bible Answer Books, I have added answers to questions such as “Does Mormonism really teach that Jesus is the spirit brother of Satan?” and “How should Christians think about global warming?” In addition I have included acronyms such as Y-O-G-A, which are designed to take you from reading to recall. You’ll also discover recommended resources for further study as well as Scripture passages specifically related to the subject matter at hand.

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