The Millennium Bug Debugged

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For those who have a basement full of dried food – and are still worried! For those who have ignored it – and now wonder if they should worry! Get the facts behind all the Y2K sensationalism. The “Millennium Bug Debugged” goes behind the scenes and uncovers sloppy journalism and sensationalism behind the current Y2K hype and hysteria. Hank Hanegraaff provides discernment skills so that the next time you face doomsday declarations – and you surely will – you won’t be fooled by the skin of a truth stuffed with a lie. This vital resource exposes the dangers of Millennial Madness, which may well become self-fulfilling prophecies if left unrestrained and undocumented. AVAILABLE IN THREE FORMATS – Book, Audio Book, and as a package with both. All specially discounted.

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