Transcendental Meditation

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Volume: 27

Issue: 5

Year: 2004

Topics covered in this issue of the CRJ include:

  • Plumbers and Apologists by Steve Bright
  • Transcendental Meditation in the New Millennium – Part One: Is TM a Religion? by John Weldon
  •  Dake’s Dangerous Doctrines by Jeff Spencer and Steve Bright
  •  One Shot, One Bible, One God: Apologetics and the Unity of Scripture by Dean Davis
  • Christians and Archaeology: Reactions to Sensational Finds by Daniel L. Hoffman
  • Does Satan Have Access to Our Minds? by Hank Hanegraaff
  • Luke 14:26: Hate or Hyperbole? by Leland Ryken
  • Answering Questions about Televangelists by James Patrick Holding
  • and More!

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