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  • CRI February 2020 Resource

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    Dear Hank: In a post-truth culture increasingly at risk of losing its reality anchors, I want to stand firm with a message of truth and love. Please send me the following to help continue being a beacon of truth and light to believers and unbelievers alike:

  • CRI January 2020 Resource

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    Dear Hank: Improved health would be a blessing to millions, especially if it marries physical and spiritual well-being with a deeper and more intimate walk with Christ. Please send me the below with my special gift to continue equipping fellow believers to be healthy, fruitful defenders of life and truth:

  • CRI July 2019 Resource

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    Dear Hank: Believers around the world need occasional reminders that we are not alone in our spiritual pilgrimage. In fact, heaven’s boundaries overlap our own, and some have “entertained angels unaware.” To continue encouraging Christians to be mindful that we do not labor with our strength alone, for my gift, please send me the following: