Hank Hanegraaff and his son David continue their discussion with focus on Hank’s magnum opus Truth Matters, Life Matters More: The Unexpected Beauty of an Authentic Christian Life. (Listen to Part One here.)

Topics discussed include:  Salvation transcends transaction, pointing to transformation and union with God (0:35); Truth Matters, Life Matters More is Hank’s most profoundly personal and surprising book (1:55); saved by a miracle (see HUP 079 at 1:45) (6:10); following truth wherever it leads (7:30); writing and rewriting (8:00); physical facts don’t fix all the facts (9:15); must learn to read literature properly (9:40); outlandish biblical interpretations within evangelicalism motivated search that led to Orthodoxy (10:00); should Christians ask and pray for forgiveness for sin? (10:40); ancient sacrament of confession (11:00); life matters more, but truth is necessary (11:45); why not just skip to part two of book? (12:45); facts are necessary but vulnerability attracts (14:00); issue of Sacred Tradition (15:30); Tradition vs traditionalism (16:45); Tradition is the Bible rightly interpreted (17:55); Bible passed down through people closely associated with the original writings therefore better able to translate and interpret Scripture (18:00); Irenaeus and Ignatius (20:00); solace in consulting early Church Fathers’ interpretation (21:00); no lone ranger Christians—need the church, ground and pillar of truth, which dispensed the necessary graces of God (23:00); Fusion and the imperative for Christian unity, and the Lord’s High Priestly prayer (John 17) (23:50); fusion is difficult, fission is easy (24:30); in essentials unity (26:50); in nonessentials liberty thus God has His people everywhere (28:40); unity not uniformity (32:30); Hank learned much from David (33:10); David awaiting birth of firstborn baby (33:40) [UPDATE: Smush is a boy!]; grand parents are heroes (34:35); Kathy and oneness in marriage (38:05); reading and meeting Jean-Claude Larchet, The Theology of Illness (39:25);  Father Alex Karloutsos asks, What engendered the most fear, being ostracized for becoming Orthodox, or cancer diagnosis? (41:25); first thought at cancer diagnosis (42:50); ultimately not about living or dying but about living well to the glory of God (47:50); Hank’s hope for Truth Matters, Life Matters Hope (48:25); paradigm shift from transaction to transformation (49:00); focus on larger arch from creation to redemption and experience now life that is life to the full—union with God (see HUP 079 at 43:20) (49:15); catching on within body of Christ—Wilbourne’s Union with Christ (51:15); that the church can become the church again (51:50); John Dickerson’s Great Evangelical Recession (52:15); church life is necessary—receive the graces of God through the church (52:30); Romans 12 (53:20); paramount grace is the Eucharist, and there are other graces (53:50); sacrament of confession (54:10); that the church would worship God in spirit and in truth (54:50); the body of Christ may be one; fusion (55:35); closing thoughts (56:00).

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