Hank opens by reading from The Theology of Illness by Jean-Claude-Larchet. Hank then reads from Matthew 8:5–12. The healing of the centurion’s servant is a superlative testation to the reality that Jesus has all authority in heaven and on Earth. For as the centurion can have his orders executed at will, how much more can the omnipotent creator of all things cause the principles of the universe to bow at His command. In this extraordinary miracle, we ascertain at least two things. First, that a word from Jesus is sufficient to heal. That proximity to the centurion’s servant is wholly unnecessary for the King of creation. Secondly, that the centurion’s faith in Jesus was greater than what Jesus had found among His own people. Jesus also reminds us that both Jews and Gentiles will inherit the feast of eternity. That Abraham is not the father of merely a nation but the father of many nations. That Jesus is the seed of Abraham and that if one is in Christ, then they are the seed of Abraham and heirs according to the promise (see Galatians 3). For more on The Theology of Illness by Jean-Claude-Larchet. Partner with CRI by clicking here.